Life Lesson #02: Between Me and My Mirror

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I still remember about my grandpha last message, he told me that:

You must honor yourself by respect other people through their knowledge, not just by their ages

First time I thought, how can it be! I honor my self through respect others with their knowledge! In what part should I did that! whether in debate, discuss or what!

Time to time, I growth up and a lot of things passed by, I learn much, I mean as much as I did based on my traces. Thinking about respect people was my first commitment. In my social life through interaction, communicate and even more just a single hello to say.

I get the point what my grandpha told related about his last message. For me, it was a great moment as it changed my mind in seing attitude with others.

Actually, we can't be as a mirror to ourself, but others would! this is the fact caused you just can't see your broken T-Shirt on your mid-back, also your joke whereas mean its hurt your friends, but you didn't knew it! It is why, the mirror must be your surround, which is mean probably environment, or etc. In this case, I prefer to choose that the mirror is your closed one, two or three or more. As their meant really important to you.

They could be your best mirror in order to find out what things must you maintain! Or its about yesterday jokes whereas hurt them. Yup! You must stick closed with them! Ask for everything good for the sake of your positive side.

Stick Close to Your Mirror

You know what I mean! Its not a mirror to make up your sweet cheeks or put some pinky winky lipstick on your soft lips. Its not that after all!

Its about your lex specialis whereas it play crucial toard your life. Because only you the one who can do! Your mirror must well care as it become as your reflection place to do so.

Your closed one are the best mirror! Probably there are more where you can find something good from them related to your life style.

I don't what I'm telling you by this, it was also the best for me! But at least, I've tried my best to kept my mirror save and always stay by my side. As it also hopeful behalf on you, keep your mirror!

Different Pond; Different Fish!

This is why I told before, knowledge is everything where it can changed the way people look (mind) something. Yups, It is not by the ages people can changed better more based on attitude, wise or etc (positive) but its depend on their knowledge, in the other word the way they look something.

We knew everyone has different angle in seeing how sweet coffee cup means! Its why different pond different fish play a big role. You knew about how to read someone rhetorics, but in the other side you are blank while you face with something called Policy. We just being gift by God in various talent. Therefor, respect the others was the good ideas in order to unite our talents.

Till then, the better world becoke true

Keep your mirror save, my fellow steemians...



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Hi @camillesteemer...
I get interested with your downvote it seem your senses didn't worked well as I mean with the powerful mind. Or am I made such mistake, I need your reason regard your downvoting act!
Its about the authentic ideas of people! So you must clarify or give something (reason) as it the proof you have reason to downvote my work?
Wait your mind work here!

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