Nothing more hypocritical than a filthy communist

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A few days ago I made this post, criticizing CNN, a corporation thriving in a free market, for propping up a literal propagandist of a communist regime. But it appears that not all those that participate in a highly capitalist platform, such as Steemit, agree with capitalism apparently. Nothing like someone enjoying the wonders of capitalism in a first world country preaching to someone who's lived in a former communist country all their lives.


What you see above has got to be the most retarded shit I've ever seen. The USSR more democratic than the USA? A place where even uttering criticism towards the "dear leader" would get you a long vacation in a gulag, was more democratic than a place where citizens vote on most officials. Seems legit! Talk about not knowing your history. I mean, it's not like wherever socialism has been tried, it ended up in famine, censorship, labor camps, and locked borders. But I'm sure it's those evil capitalists that made those people want to escape the utopia behind the Iron Curtain.

Gotta love that it's almost always a bourgeois first-worlder, in this case a US citizen, who can do and say whatever, is preaching the wonders of communism. Well, I'm sorry, maybe I should tell my parents how great they had it when they were starving while working their ass off and seeing the Securitate, basically the romanian equivalent of the KGB, was appropriating properties from them to give "to the people". Nothing like the wonders of sharing! Speaking of which, as you can see there, he's sharing oh so much... with himself.


Meanwhile, he preaches how profit is unpaid wages and stuff aaaand ... literally denies me wages. Peak communism achieved. Especially since he made this post that features this gem:


So this should mean he'd share his wealth around, and not upvote his own comments right? Right? Nothing like sticking to those principle of equality. I mean, that is the goal, but for everyone else, every time. Communism was, and always will be, not an ideology born from the love of the poor, but from the hatred of the rich! It is envy legislated. And to finish this shit show, the only history you don't want to accept is this. Romania's greatest moment in recent memory is the moment it rose up against your disgusting ideology and shot your "dear fathers" in the head. On Christmas day no less, now that's what I call a gift from Santa! And thank god for capitalism, whose fruits are benefiting yourself! And unlike you, I think you should make money out of anything if people want that thing, even propagandizing your garbage and murderous ideology.

What are your thoughts? Share below, along with any feedback you might have. It is greatly appreciated! @anarchyhasnogods can abstain though, I find his hypocrisy telling enough.

Thank you for reading, and keep on steemin'!


I don't quite get how it's hypocritical, he is still under a capitalist system and he is just doing what is needed to be succesful within it. He does not have to share his wealth/votes the system does not incentivize it, and nonetheless to finish it off. Communism doesn't mean having a wealth equality between all systems, it is completely stupid to have a system that does not incentivize being a better citizen then someone else.

Wealth sharing for me, but not for thee. I see.

Yeah, I've been noticing a trend on this platform especially, praising communism and anarchy, shutting down any criticism of it as if out of fear that the ideology would fall to pieces if people talk about it without praising it.
Capitalism has a lot of problems. Unchecked it leads to corporate control of society, turning people into wage slaves, ruining the environment for profit, exerting control over the government and wielding legislature to make more profit at the expense of everything else. That's why it needs to be kept in check, it needs to be regulated, it needs to be tempered, by the people, for the people. Not a lot you can do to temper communism as an individual, you'll just end up digging the Danube-Black Sea channel.
Only the communist states itself can change itself for the better of its people, usually by injecting capitalism in it. But that would take the kind of foresight you don't see in die-hard ideologues that consider themselves to be right, no matter how many suffer because they're wrong.
China did manage to inject capitalism in its system, with it's special development zones, giving birth to cities like Shenzen that have become the manufacturing, technological and economical powerhouse of the world. Shenzen couldn't exist under communism, it couldn't exist under capitalism, it's in a bizarre zone where the free market is the deciding factor in all, but without concepts like perpetual patents and endless copyright. It's based sharing ideas, sharing technology, but competing for individual profit. And it works. Well, it's worked up until now, but as China is expanding that specific legislation into other regions of the country, it'll need to keep innovating to keep up with the emerging competition. It'll be fun to see how it'll shape up un the next few decades.

Sure, I don't claim that capitalism is the be-all, end-all. And run amok it turns into corporatism, which is no different than fascism, basically. But, regardless of its faults, it's the only system that, if regulated just the right amount, will generate the best solutions. The best systems are a mix of cooperation and competition. Look around, most highly successful ventures these days are open source or something similar. But going outside tech, there's Uber, AirB&B and the like, which employ a similar model. As you mention, China is probably the best example of "communism" which exited its crisis by injecting capitalism. I still think Japan is probably the best nation there is, overall :p

And yeah, anarchism and communism will be the weirdest of allies, because they're both utopian. Even if opposed, they rely on the same thing, which is all people in society need to be the same. One relies on all people sharing everything, which is retarded, and the other relies on all people always respecting all sorts of non-aggression principles, which is again... retarded. None of those scenarios is attainable. People are different, that's why loose regulations based on individualism work best, allowing freedom of association and to form communities of like-minded individuals, while those individuals are still free to pursue their needs. It's never perfect, it never will be, but it's as close as we can get.

And of course these sorts of ideologues will want to shut down speech. Force is the only way it can spread. I don't care, I won't shut up. I might not have live long during communism, but even after it fell, I could notice its effects, I saw my parents rise back from starvation along with capitalism. Again, it's far from perfect, but it's the best we got, and I'll be damned if I won't do all in my power to prevent the red plague from attaining power ever again.

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wow.....really...? Read the post (wow just wow) but I will look into it more in detail and do some research later...

I have a post about communism. I thought one week that communism is great, that it's like christianity, but atheism version. Ofcourse christianity better, but communism is better than capitalism.

When you say that communism is worse thant capitalism - you say wrong. You mean socialism is worse than capitalism.

What is a socialism? It's like friench revolution for capitalists. Slaughter those whoo agaist us. Socialism can become communism but also can go back to capitalism. It's a way to communism.

After watching Stefan Molenux - I changed my opinion. He said that socialism and communism is a SATANIC ideology. It stands for values without virtues.

I don't think Satan has anything to do with it. But this ideology aims to make all the people the same, regardless of their worth and contribution. It is not a way to prop up the poor into becoming successful and productive, but a way to chop the legs of the successful. Socialism is but a stepping stone to communism. It sounds good, but in no way fair and egalitarian. Capitalism might not be perfect, but it rewards those that provide a product / service that is in demand, thus indirectly promoting a productive lifestyle. And unlike communism, it doesn't claim to solve all issues, that's why regulations exist. And even when people abuse their position, the market eventually phases them out.

Maybe, But satan analogy turn me from communism. I think best capitalism critics are communists. It's good thing about communism.

It's an analogy, it's not a reality. Stefen Molyneux isn't the worse but his understand of communism is abyssmal and he would not be the best source on making your own opinions on the ideology itself. I can send you a bucket list to read and make your own decisions.

Ok, nevermind, Communism won't be here around the globe before I die, I think.

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