Ticketmaster settlement - New concerts listed for FREE CONCERT vouchers

in life •  2 years ago

Hey Steemians ,

I just saw that a slew of new concert dates are available on ticketmasters settlement page.

If you have a voucher as part of the Ticketmaster Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster (check your ticketmaster account you just needed to have used TM in the past 3 years to qualify) you can get 2 free General admission tickets to the shows listed below.


Just wanted to share the info, have a good one and hope you get a free concert today!

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Thanks, but I don't have enough steem to use your service. Appreciate the info though!

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Being in Vegas I don't use Ticket Master bcuz locals get all kinds of crazy good deals ...but I think that is great that you were able to share this info for anybody who it can apply to and those who maybe didn't know ...awesome share thanks :) :) Kayleigh


Thanks for reading kayleigh. I am in NYC and I work in events etc but I was able to transfer tix to a sibling in another state for him to use... They only add new voucher concerts erratically so you have to be fast which is why i wanted to share with steemit.


Great job on doing that :) :)

we miss You at #minnowsfaucet !