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I'm glad to see Salem has changed.

"The Crucible" is such a powerful play, and for the town to have acknowledged the past in this way is a beautiful thing, for the "witches," but also for the town.

nice sculpture..................
Please tell us something about this....

In Salem Ma where people were wrongly perceived as witches in 1692. The Television show bewitched was filmed in the 1970s. This is a statue erected as a tribute. Many people were killed from Salem they were falsely accused as witches and it was based on incorrect perception and false accusation.

Now a landmark of the city of Salem, this statue pays tribute to the well-known TV sitcom ‘Bewitched’ and its filming of the seventh season here in Salem. First seen as a tribute similar to that of Boston’s Red Auerbach Statue, this bronze beauty has quickly become a staple in our magical city.