Biggest Stations in India With Highest Number of Platforms

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5 Biggest Stations in India With Highest Number of Platforms


1. Howrah – 23 Platforms

Howrah_Railway_Station: Howrah Junction railroad station is one of 4 stations serving the city of Kolkata,located on the west bank of the Hooghly River(West Bengal,INDIA). Howrah station is one of the busiest railroad stations with 23 Platforms and 26 tracks, known as Terminal-1 and Terminal-2.


2. Sealdah – 20 Platforms

Sealdah_Railway_Station: Sealdah railroad station is a vital rural rail terminal serving Kolkata city with 20 stages. The North terminals of Sealdah has 13 stages(PF) and South segment comprises with 7 stages(PF).


3. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus – 18 Platforms

Chhatrapati_Shivaji_Terminus: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus has 18 inlet stages, 11 stages are for long separation out-station trains and 7 are for neighborhood rural trains. CST is the biggest train end in Mumbai and a notable railroad station with world legacy site status.


4. New Delhi – 16 Platforms

New Delhi New Delhi railroad station handles more than 350 trains on regular schedule with 16 stages. New Delhi railroad station is the busiest and biggest rail line station in India and holds the record for the biggest course interlocking framework on the planet.


5. Chennai Central – 15 Platforms

Chennai_Central_Station Chennai: Central railroad station is a standout amongst the most imperative railroad center points in South India and furthermore fundamental center for the Chennai Suburban Railway. Chennai station has 15 railroad stages to deal with long-separate trains with 3 stages solely for rural trains.

The world's longest station platform is at Gorakhpur Junction in India at 1,355.40 metres.


✔ In Terms of Largest No. Of Platforms

1.Howrah Junction (West Bengal)-23 Platforms
2.Sealdah Railway Station (West Bengal)-20 Platforms
3.Mumbai CST (Maharashtra) -18 Platforms
4.New Delhi Railway Station (Delhi-NCR)-16 Platforms
5.Chennai Central (Tamilnadu)-15 Platforms

✔ In Terms of Longest Railway Station

1.Gorakhpur Junction(Uttar Pradeshs)-1,366.33 m
2.Kollam Junction (Kerala)-1,180.5 m
3.Kharagpur Junction (West Bengal)-1,072.5m
4.Bilaspur Railway Station (Chhattisgarh)-802m
5.Jhansi Junction (Madhya Pradesh)-770m

✔ In Terms Of Passenger Volume every day

1.Howrah Junction (West Bengal) - 10 lakh travelers for each day
2.New Delhi Railway station (Delhi-NCR) - 5 lakh travelers for each day
3.Kalyan Junction (Maharashtra) - 3.6 lakh travelers every day
4.Kanpur Central (Uttar Pradesh) - 3.5 lakh travelers every day
5.Patna Junction (Bihar) - 3 lakh travelers for each day

✔ In Terms Of Trains every day (Busiest Railways of India)

1.Howrah Junction (West Bengal) - 687 Trains for each day
2.New Delhi Railway Station (Delhi-NCR) - 400 Trains for each day
3.Vijayawada Junction (Andhra Pradesh) - 247 Trains for each day
4.Kanpur Central (Uttar Pradesh) - 233 Trains for each day
5.Kalyan Junction ( Maharashtra ) - 200 Trains for each day

In general, Currently right now Howrah, New Delhi, Vijayawada Junctions are top three most busiest railroads of india with most number of trains going through them with Howrah having most noteworthy associations with about 1373(Total station in India-7349) Stations Across india and New Delhi with the biggest course interlocking framework on the planet and 70% of trains moving from Northern to Southern India compulsarily goes through the Vijayawada Jn.


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Nice sir

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Nice info sir! As far as I know, the longest platform is Khadagpur.

Hi @chetanpadliya You are correct for 20th century,But in 21 century longest railway platforms are:
Gorakhpur railway station, Uttar Pradesh, India:1,366.33 m (4,483 ft) (longest in the world)
Kollam Junction, Kerala, India:1,180.5 m (3,873 ft)
Kharagpur, West Bengal, India: 1,072.5 m (3,519 ft)
State Street subway, Chicago, Illinois, US: 1,067 m (3,501 ft) (longest in North America)

The more you read your posts, the more you wonder how well the railway traffic in India is organized. How everything is thought out to the smallest detail, so as not to create passengers inconvenience when traveling by rail. Great post, I liked it.

Nice asteshan

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Your posts are really informative....I hope you have an outstanding knowledge as well as observation about Bharat...really proud of you Sir......

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your blogs are so amazing
you are one of my inspiration on steemit
Thanks , for your amazing contribution on this community

I think you are an Indian railway official

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✅Hi @bapoo No (Not railway official), I am a Technical man All informaiton From "INDIAN RAILWAYS ANNUAL REPORT & ACCOUNTS", Also i Love Indian Rail..................
@sbanerjee0017 (Shyamal Banerjee[Age:62] Kolkata,INDIA)✍

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