Why parenting is the most important job you can do

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... and why you are probably doing a good job at it.


Every day my children surprise me, make me laugh, and frustrate me as well. Such is the life of a parent.
If you have kids, you absolutely know what I mean.
There is something so fulfilling about being a parent
When you are parenting a child, you are helping grow a human being

Their future, is directly affected by what you do every single day.

Of the jobs I have (HVAC tech, Furniture refurbisher, and artist) being a dad is the only one I am completely and utterly irreplaceable.

I am not saying step parents do not make good parents

I AM SAYING that if I die, there will be no other ME to influence them, who shares DNA, who instinctively, or through osmosis have the same quirks as my kids.



OR THIS b4.png


When I see them do stuff like this, I know that they are irrefutably me children, and with that comes a sense of great joy, but also a sense of urgent responsibility. Like everything I do has to be PERFECT or they are going to turn into some mutant freak who lights baby otters on fire. This is probably because every day we see the news, we see social media, we hear other parents, telling HORROR STORIES.
Then we worry...

  • Are they happy?
  • Healthy?
  • Smart?
  • Sociable?
  • Am I doing it right??

The short answer to those questions??


You know why the answer is yes?
Because you care enough to ask it


The neat thing about being a parent is that you are a huge factor in who your child turns out to be, but you are only ONE factor.
You are not even the deciding factor. Guess who is??

They are!!


Our job as parents is to guide them as best we can and help them learn how to make good decisions.

One of my favorite pieces of advice on parenting comes from a common bible verse that most people have heard, but don't know what comes next... it goes...

Eph: 6.2-4 Honor your father and mother so that it may be well with you, and that you may live long on the earth. (everyone knows that but this comes next).... Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in discipline and instruction

While you may not believe in the bible, there is some universal wisdom in that. While we expect our children to honor and respect us as adults, it is our job to not provoke them to anger.
To me provoking my child in anger looks like when I...

  • loose my temper
  • act like them
  • ignore

There are a myriad of worse things that fall under that category, but those are the ones I personally have to put myself in check for.
If you feel the same, don't worry, you're human
You are allowed to make mistakes
Just as your children are
You are doing great
They are doing great
Now go play with your kids (if you have any)

b3 (1).png




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Your children are absolutely beautiful! I'm praying that my husband and I will be able to have them one day. After 5 miscarriages in 2 1/2 years, keeping the faith is becoming a challenge.

Here's a phenomenal quote for you: "Our children are living messages that we send to a time and place that we will ever see..."

God bless!

Gosh that is heart breaking. Most of the couples I know have had miscarriages and I cannot imagine that pain. I sincerely hope that you end up with babies :)

One couple we know could not have kids for 12 years and could not adopt for a long time either, and finally they were able to adopt two beautiful babies in a span of two years.
We plan on adopting some time in the future and I am curious/excited to see what that adventure brings.

I know it doesnt mean much from someone who has not experienced what you have, but whatever you do, don't lose hope okay?

Trust me, it still means the absolute world to me that someone cares. I'll keep you in my prayers as you embark on the adoption adventure! That will be our end goal someday as well if children are not possible.

As a father of four, I support this post.
Your kids are adorable.

Thanks man! I always get told I am crazy for having 3 kids... glad to hear other people who have the same or more haha

Nice enthusiasm, I'm sure your kids will grow up to be awesome.

Try to have a fulfilling life of your own, I think a lot of parents who don't end up tiring their kids out!

Upvoted and RESTEEMED :]

Thanks tomato!

Great post. Great is the reward.

Seeing your first child born is like... the universe just punches you right in the face... (in a good kind of way)

You know your wife's preganant but then when you actually see the baby... it's truly unreal.

I tell people all the time that I wouldn't trade having kids or being a parent for anything in the world.

It's the best feeling having little mini me's that always want to learn from you, be close to you, and for you to comfort them.


Absolutely man. Greatest feeling ever.

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I love my kids to pieces!!! What's important to me as well is not to break who they are... by this I mean that in life (schooling and so on) they try to make them like little sheep, some parents do that to their own kids. Don't break who they really are. That is the best thing you can do for your child. Children need to learn lessons, they need to learn how to be good little people. Manners, respect, love. Then they'll be just fine :) Talking about learning, I need to learn how to use @randowhale so I can give you a little something :) I've over used my vote and need to let it build up a bit :(

I totally agree, we are always trying to cultivate and help nourish who they are as people.

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Ahhh, it worked :) Just don't know if I did it right though??? I'll chat to the peeps in yunk to help me a bit here :)

Such cuties!!! I only have two (one is 14 and the other is 5!) but I love those boys so much. And it is so amazing to watch them grow into adults. They have their own opinions and ideas. If it makes your heart happy to see that, then I believe you're doing something right. ;)

Adorable kiddos and good advice.

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Damn! those are some really adorable and sweet kids dude!