It's funny the way the world categories people that go to school and people that don't, it's like if you are not educated to don't belong, from your own perspective is education over rated ?

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I do agree that many people overrate education. Speaking in terms of my country, people and the majority believe that education got from high priced institutions offer better education.  Parents send their kids to schools which demand high fees. Also, they send kids to training institutes which offer entrance coaching for the IIT's. Most parents do not even bother to ask if their wards are interested in technical education and literally force kids to pursue science. 

Those who do not learn science are not looked on with respect. For example, I am a sociology graduate and have been looked down with disrespect because I am not an engineer, doctor or banker. Teachers are not respected very much and are often blamed if the students do not perform well. 

Education however is very necessary. students can be home-schooled but the parents should make sure that the kids also receive some exposure to community interaction as well, if possible. 

In my opinion, people should be trained in some basic skills before they are given the option to pursue skills in colleges. Also, if a student is taught to cook, clean and look after oneself and respect others, he or she will not look down on workers who do these jobs on a daily basis. 

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They might still look down on them because people suck. For me there is a difference between schooling and education. i have 3 university degrees however I only got them in my 40's I hardly ever opened a book for them because I had educated myself, I basically just did it to get the paper and for me it was not worth it.

That being said people who do not educated themselves are hard to take seriously in scientific discussions or matters where and educated opinion is needed. that does not make them less worth as people but in those regards their voice is ineffective. Being self taught is fine education is education, knowledge is knowledge ...

I totally agree with you on people needing to learn relevant life skills it is ridiculous that we live in a day and age where more than 50% of people do not know how to cook, sow or repair stuff this should be mandatory for both girls and boys including how to grow ones own food and basic medicine.

On another note how are things for you right now? ow are your neighbors ? Any improvement on the situation ?


Thanks dear. I was not able to be active because my mil had a stroke and passed away on 6th.
As for neighbors they are slowly recovering.we have started using the well water from yesterday. We chlorinated it twice.
You are right about the education.


what is a mil love? A family member ?


Yes. Short for mother in law. I was getting low internet connection and busy with relatives. So, hopping in and out of steemit

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