How grateful are we?

in life •  last month

A time when you were totally dependent
Moments passed as if time stood still
The people around but you knew
That only the grace of the Almighty saved you
Lucky to be alive
Faith and intensity of the prayer from the heart
Life is always filled with unexpected surprises
Be grateful for what you have ; who you are and who stands with you
Be thankful for every tiny fact
Stay blessed always
Hold on dearly to your faith


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@sayee.... Om Sai Ram. How do you do?

While reading your fantastic blog post, I remembered one thing, which I thought of sharing with you.

"That only the grace of the Almighty saved you.... "

I loved this sentence very much since this holds good for each and every human being living in this world.

Coming to the point, when it comes to faith, I read somewhere else that stated that we should have not mere faith, but 'Unstinted Faith' on the Almighty and this implies that our faith must not decrease even a hair's breadth even when everything goes against our expectations!

Bye @sayee......

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Thanks a lot, Sir. You are so right.

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