Why Being Able To See The Big Picture Is A Must

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Life can become ever more complicated the further we are on its journey. Sometimes it feels like going down the rabbit hole, where your every situation starts to seem like a mess and overall, you feel directionless.

Yes, we all feel that confusion from time to time. Even the people who we think are rich or have it all ‘figured out’ go through all this because life is like a pair of earphones. It just tangles up somehow and spares no one!

The scariest feeling, at least to me, is feeling lost and having no sense of the overall direction, life is leading me. I am sure many of you can relate to this as well.

In times such as those, I try to step back, take a breather, and look at the big picture. Sometimes you need to look at life from a larger perspective, that gets lost in the humdrum of everything.

The Big Picture


Sometimes I really feel like we human beings are crazy. We often get demotivated even if we are doing things we are passionate about, we get scared easy at the sight of unfamiliar territory, we forget why we are doing things in the first place, and we get so busy with the little things that we forget to see the big picture.

Only when you are able to perceive things on the larger scale, can you get the overall direction of anything. Only then will things make sense because then you have all the information you need to take a calculated decision and not live life on a whim.

Consider the big picture as your map with the help of which you are navigating the ship of your life. Your intelligence is your compass and you are responsible for making use of the map to reach the destination.

People like Steve Jobs had an innate ability to see the bigger picture in life, and look at what they achieved. And that can happen only when you take a step back, and actually look.

Moral From A Childhood Story


My mother used to tell me a story when I was a child that really inculcated this habit in me that is so important. The story was about a group of blind men and an elephant which is a popular parable in the Indian subcontinent.

Basically, a group of blind men who have never seen an elephant come across one, someday and they each touch the different parts of the elephant to make sense of what it is like.

One man touches the side of the elephant and concludes that the elephant is like a wall. Another touches its tusk and says that it is like a spear. Yet another touches its trunk and says that it is like a snake. Another one of them touches its leg and says that it is like a tree.

The moral here is that each of those men had partial information based on which they were trying to figure out what an elephant looked like. That is not how its to be done at all. One needs to have all the information, the big picture, to make sense of anything in life.

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I agree. Actually bigger picture helps one to be focused and determined towards the path and it even makes clear and easy to work on small things.
Great post. Keep it up :)


Exactly! It gives a sort of a map that one can simply follow to their goals!! Thanks for the kind words :)

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Thanks for this :)

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I would really love to delegate some SP, but all of it is being used right now. In the future I will try to delegate some though.

Totaly agree :) Just wrote a post about long term bitcoin :D


Yeah, we need to have a big picture view for crypto as well!

Well, one needs to be focused and determined towards one's goals, one should have confidence within self to achieve anything. I am a strong believer of law of attraction, which says 'you can get anything you want in this universe if you believe that you can. ' eventually it will come to you. One should not get distracted and work towards the goals no matter how big or small they are. Dreams can become a reality with determination


I am a big follower of Law of Attraction too and have used it extensively throughout my life. Focus and determination are really really important to get what we want in life and we just can't afford to get distracted.

interesting post. I think we can rekate this to our steemit experience, most people don't see the big, they are just here for the quick cash and they get frustrated when it's not coming as fast as they thought.

Having a bigger picture of where you want to be or do will help mitigate whatever distractions you might come across your way. Even difficult situations seem bearabke because you know where you are headed.


That's right! It's very applicable to Steemit. We all need to have the bigger picture of where we are headed. Who knows the price of Steem could be so high in the future that only a handful of steem would be enough to make one super rich.

I actually got your point @sauravrungta but what happens if the humans who want to see the picture are blind just like the blind me. How will they be able to see the picture of the elephant.


The seeing the big picture is not taken literally here. Blind people have gone on to achieve great things in life too.

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Really love the analogy here. Reading the children's story really connected the picture. So many perspectives, correct in their own right, but not to be accepted as the overall complete truth unless brought together.


Yeah, children stories have some really great morals if one is willing to learn :)

I agree that half knowledge is dangerous knowledge just like the blind men had half knowledge of the elephant..
We all want to reach our goals so fast that we forget to take a step back and have a good look of where we are heading...


That's exactly right. Half knowledge can be very dangerous and so it is important to gather as much information as possible and then to decide on things.