The Mind Can Be Your Best Friend or Your Worst Enemy

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We human beings are truly blessed to possess a really powerful tool at our disposal thanks to which we have become the dominant species on the planet capable of remarkable feats.

I am talking of course, about the human mind, that is the sole reason for our uniqueness among our fellow inhabitants. Just think about it for a second.

We are capable of questioning life itself, the nature of reality, how things work in the universe, building a civilisation capable of lasting millennia, venturing out into space leaving the very place we were created.

All that has been possible thanks to that powerful tool of ours we call the mind. But while that same mind can serve as our best friend, it can just as easily become our worst enemy. I think we are all aware of this fact.

A Friend or A Foe?


One of the most tragic ironies of life is that even though we possess a gift such as the mind, we are either barely using it or using it for the wrong things. And on top of that, most of the times we are not in control of it, rather, it is in control of us.

That’s what I mean when I say that it can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you are able to harness its power, you can achieve great things. Take a look at some of the successful people out there and you will quickly understand that they are highly disciplined capable of using their minds for their goals.

If you are not able to control it though, you will be like a person lost in a world-sized maze, completely lost and having no sense of direction whatsoever. Doesn’t that sound familiar? I bet it does. After all, a large number of the human population seems to be in such a state.

So, just like how your best friend can support you and lift you up, the mind can do the same for you, and just how an enemy can destroy you, the mind can do that too to you. You decide what you want it to be and that will in turn decide your destiny.

How To Control The Mind


That is the million dollar question, isn’t it? The world we live in today is filled with such a great amount of noise that it is easier than ever for the mind to get lost in the midst of all of that.

That is why we are not even able to use a great amount of its potential. Only if we could learn to keep our minds in control, we could achieve far greater things than we already have, individually as well as a species.

Great saints and gurus have all turned towards yoga and meditation as the best way of controlling the mind as that instills in us the discipline to use the mind when required and set it aside, when it is not required.

I think that is the great wisdom we are all looking for. Treat your mind like a genie. Call upon it when needed else let it be in the lamp!

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well, one needs to harness the power of the mind. one of such ways is feeding it with quality information. my last article talks about reading, and i believe it is a powerful way of equipping the mind with information.
having control of one's own mind entails knowing yourself. this is achievable via introspection which some might tag as meditation.


These are all good points and I agree. Just feed the right thing into the brain and do some quality checks from time to time and you should be good to go!!

Thus, let it be in the lamp. That part of the sentence got my attention. Our brains should not be blocked with anxiety and worry thus leading to poor result.


Thank you :) Yeah, we should utilise the full potential of the mind and not let trivial things come in the way.

Hii @sauravrungta how to develop our memory day by day is there any routine to practice if yes Dan please share it? Thank you


I am not sure of particular practices but I'm sure one can find hundreds of such practices on the internet.