Life Lessons We Can Learn From Jason Bourne Movie Series

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I love watching action movies and the Jason Bourne movie series has to be one of my top favourites. There is something about this series and its relatively realistic approach that engages the audience on a whole another level.

Or at least that's how I feel personally. Anyways, action movies (or any movie for that matter) is not only about entertainment. We can learn some valuable lessons from them too.

Jason Bourne series shows the journey of a man trying to make sense of his past, figuring out what's next and surviving each day despite attacks at every corner. Of course a movie has to be a little extra dramatic, but we can still learn a few things and apply them to our lives as well and I want to talk about them today.

Always Be Ready To Improvise

One of the most awesome qualities of Bourne is the ability to improvise at a moment's notice and keep surviving. It doesn't matter if the enemy has a gun or a knife or is twice his size, he finds a way even if he has to use a freaking magazine to do so!

Life is dynamic and there are countless challenges and odd situations that we have to deal with on a constant basis. And unfortunately there is no user manual or a script that comes with life, so we have to make decisions even if we don't know what to do. Therefore we need to learn to improvise and do our best with what we have in the situation.

Your Own People Might Betray You

The central theme of the Jason Bourne movies is the CIA trying to get rid of Jason Bourne who they think has nefarious intentions, even though he actually doesn't. Bourne was trained by the CIA themselves and instead of trying to hear him out, they try to take him out.

In our lives too, we might face situations where our own people might stand against us or betray us and this shouldn't surprise us at all. People can change with time and sometimes if there interests do not align with yours, they won't hesitate to cast you aside or even step over you to get what they want. Be prepared, always.

Be Relentless

Relentlessness is another glaring theme in the Jason Bourne movies. Our hero has a lot of obstacles thrown at him, quite literally at times and he never gives up. He keeps pushing on and on until he 'deals' with those obstacles.

In life there will be many times when you would want to just give up but it is in those moments where you have to find that inner strength to keep getting up no matter the circumstances, no matter how hard life pushes you down. Be relentless and face everything and everyone with courage and victory shall be yours in the end.

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Thanks for this :)

We continue learning till we die. Learned a lot from this


This is so true :)

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