Life Lessons We Can Learn From Dragon Ball Super

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Dragon Ball Super is a very popular anime television series and is a continuation of the Dragon Ball Z series that features Goku as the main character. I have been watching this show since I was a child and I must say, I am a huge fan.

There is something about the story and the characters and the intense action sequences that get me all excited and lift my mood up no matter what. I have also written before about how Goku is one of my inspirations in life, even though he is an imaginary character.

What's so wonderful about this series is that it is equally enjoyed by children as well as adults. In fact, adults watch and act like children while watching the show and their hero beat up his opponents! I am guilty of doing the same. LOL

Anyways, today I wanted to talk a little about the life lessons that we can learn from this anime series. I believe that everything has the potential to teach us something or the other, even from a cartoon!

Never Give Up

One of the things that you would already know if you watch Dragon Ball is that the main character, Goku, never gives up no matter how strong his enemies are. He gives everything he has got every single time and doesn't mind sacrificing his own life to protect his loved ones.

In fact, Goku dies twice (each time being resurrected again) to save the planet from enemies who would have destroyed it and everything on it. Goku's perseverance is what makes him so special and this is a big lesson in life.

We too face tons of challenges and they are no where near being life threatening and even then we might feel overwhelmed from time to time. That is natural, but what you shouldn't do, is give up. Just keep crawling forward if you have to but keep moving forward.

Keep Breaking Your Limits

Breaking one's limits was a big theme in the Dragon Ball Super series. For those who don't watch the show, basically the main characters are able to basically evolve into higher and stronger forms (called transformations in the show) that heighten their abilities by a huge degree.

Goku has transformed again and again ever reaching new heights but in Dragon Ball Super, he reached the level of gods themselves and managed to again break his inner limit to reach a state that is even difficult for the gods to achieve.

The lesson here is to keep pushing your limits. Of course we can't become god like in real life but what we can do is push any mental or physical limits that we perceive we have. Great men and women in history have proven that to be possible as well.

Be Humble

Humility is something that makes Goku so adorable. Even though he is powerful enough to destroy the entire planet with one energy blast, he is shown to be very humble. You should see how afraid he can be of Chi Chi, his wife!

He also listens to his friends carefully and with complete innocence when topics are being discussed that he doesn't understand and never makes it seem like his voice should be the one that's heard just because he is the strongest.

We too should aim for humility no matter how rich or famous or strong we get. Each human is equal and they should be treated as such. One's higher status over the other doesn't mean anything and is only something created by the society.

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Thanks for this :)

Life is not so easy but we should not give up because failure is the pillar of success!

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