ALERT! Do It Yourself World Troy Reid Forced to GET A JOB!

in life •  3 months ago
After seven years of living in poverty and eBegging Troy Reid has gotten a JOB!

he has also said:

"Still trying to find legal's hard to find people who believe you"


heres the video...

The Do It Yourself World Published on Jan 17, 2019 Just an update on where I have been the past couple weeks. It has been busy with me working off the homestead in order to pay our bills.

YouTube is no longer a full time job and cannot be relied upon to pay our bills so I had to get a job.

I hope to be able to make more videos again soon once the days get longer. Right now it is dark outside by the time I get home so its very cold and hard to get any real projects done.

I have a lot of exciting plans ahead though so this is not the end, its just a pause.

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Keep up the good work. I belly laughed at the beginning screen of this video before even starting it. After a few minutes laughing I had the guts to click play. Thanks for the laugh.

no one believes him because he shows no evidence or proof of any kind and makes wild accusations about people doing things to his property who live hundreds or thousands of miles away. never a police report, video, picture, anything of his claims.


His plan was to scam SteemIt this winter!
Thanks to you, Badger and others he was forced to find a job instead!


hell hath no fury like a doc scorned!

100% upvoted and resteemed and raised your rep to 48 :)

well deserved for trolling troy reid hahaha...

That last phrase from Troy.....”I have a lot of exciting plans ahead though so this is not the end” are his famous last words.

He says this several times throughout the year.

It was just this past December when he made a video announcing his promise to “return to filming his day as he goes” and making “daily” videos....
when he stopped making them “daily” and Never made any videos throughout his day.

So to keep his followers on the hook....he makes these lame promises that he NEVER keeps.

He did this last year, last winter....and the year before that and so on.

His YT followers have yet to catch on.

Same old shit, different year.

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