Busy life and Balancing time: Struggles and How I manage it.

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Good day fellow steemians.
A few days ago, I don't have much time to create my post. I have a lot of thoughts on what I want to post but because of my everyday busy schedule, my mind didn't work that much. I am not really a writer that's why it took me days before I finished one post (longer one).

Because of this, I thought of sharing how I balance my time. For me, it is very hard and maybe others have the same problem with me regarding time balancing.
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Now, I will share what activities I do every day and how I manage and deal with it.

In my introductory post, I mentioned there that I am into business.

I currently manage a small internet shop in our hometown. That means some of my time, I spent it in our shop. Doing everything like printing, scanning, encoding, photocopying, assisting customers and etc. Doing all these things made me feel exhausted.received_1961661503850998.jpeg

But when I go home, I'm not done with my work. I also have an Online shop that sells trendy stuff. It seems easy doing online selling but believe me, it takes also a lot of time and effort by posting items, answering queries, listing and sorting of orders.received_1961677113849437.jpeg

Aside from this, of course, there are household chores that need my time and some personal stuff like Bible reading or doing the Teocratic assignment.

On my other days when I am not in our shop, I don't stay in our house. Instead, I am busy going in our territory preaching the deaf and mute people teaching them sign language and about God's Kingdom. received_2033825163301298.jpeg
It means I am always traveling because our house is far away from some of our territories. It took also my time and drained my energy but when I go home, I feel happy.

Also, steemit is now part of my daily activities. If I have free time, I am checking my account and read other steemians post. Doing upvote, comment, resteem. saskia.jpg

All activities I mentioned above made my everyday life busy and made my time seems to move faster. True, there are pros and cons on having a busy schedule that affects my daily life and so I listed it below in a general form.


  • My everyday life is always productive and not a boring life.
  • I can earn money from my shop, online selling and from steemit and save it from our future needs.
  • Having a great time to connect with other people.
  • Be friends with other people in steemit and in the outside world.
  • I am able to use my time in a meaningful way.
  • Able to help others in different ways.
  • I can inspire fellow steemians by posting, upvoting and commenting.
  • I learn new knowledge every day from others and also be inspired/motivated by them.


  • Feeling drained or exhausted.
  • I sometimes forgot other things.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Sometimes not on time meals.
  • Few time for myself and own needs.
  • Backache and headache.
  • Work delays once in a while.
  • Having a mental block so my mind cannot function well.

These are the pros and cons I often encountered and to deal with in my everyday life.

Busy life indeed, but how I still manage it?

I cannot say I perfectly balance my time or manage it with no flows. But I have my ways on how I deal with it and made it somehow work smoothly. I will also share it here so maybe to those who are having trouble on balancing their time may also apply it.

PS. I am working on it also.



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Prioritize. Experts say that setting priorities is the first step in time management. So I have a list of my priorities in life and focus on it.

Get a notebook planner or planner apps on your phone. List your commitments or activities here so that you will not forget it. Don't rely on your memory because believe me, it will not work properly at all time.

Set your time frame. This really helps me to finish my activities on time because if I will not set it, I tend to spend a long time in one activity only and shorten my time in my other activities.

Set an alarm or a timer. My husband really did this to me! For example, he will set 30mins. for me to finish uploading items in my online shop. If the time is up, I have to do the next activity or the next in our plan like Bible reading. This really works for me to be able to maximize my time.

Take a rest. If you have enough rest, your body and mind are in condition to do your activities smoothly. I admit this is one of I am working right now because I tend to do multitasking and it drained my energy. Because of lack of rest, my energy easily drained and that results in neglecting my other activities. Take a rest is very important.

Do it continuously. Doing these tips continuously is the key. Because if you stop it, then your effort will be worthless. Reading these tips is so easy but applying this in our daily life is quite hard.
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These tips above is what I applied in my daily busy life. I know I have many flows about this but I am really working hard for this to make my day more productive.

Most importantly, despite our busy schedule, make time for our loved one and for our family because above all, that's the best time we ever have and it is priceless! IMG_20180222_204545.jpgIMG_20180222_204653.jpgreceived_2033827083301106.jpeg

Note: Other photos are from pixabay and the other photos are mine.

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You are incredible, and your publication very pleasant to read.
I admire that even then you take your time to comment.
Happy day.


Thank you for appreciating my effort :)

Time management... You are good in manging your time ate.. Even you have hectic schedule, you still have the time to do the most important thing. You are zealous woman.


You are also zealous woman :)


congrats ate @saskia..:)
So happy for you ate..

TIme management is really important. And thanks for sharing how you balance your time. That setting a timeframe to do a task and setting a timer, magaya nga. Heheh.


Hehe..effective din te


Cge iset ko time ng pag steemit ng 8 hours. Hahahah. Wala na nagawa sa bahay.

ikaw pala nagmamanage ng bodjong


On. Nakapunta ka na po?


malapit dun
balita ko nasa baguio na c athan?


Yup pero nagrereview lang po sya dun, magtuturo na sya hopefully sa senior high..


galing ah
pkumusta n lng sa kanya

Oo nga naman, take rest, para macondistion ang ating sarili, pero huwag titigil..Love it!! 😍👌


Yes te..kasi usually ganyan nangyayari sa akin..hehe

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Even with your busy schedule you still manage it well. Just think of all your sacrifices is worth it and no wasted time for you. Good job in your part.


Thank you te :) pero sometimes ndi ko rin ma handle ng maayos..hehe

You got a 1.99% upvote from @allaz courtesy of @atongis!

Very nice. Balancing your life and wise management of your time can help you handle everything. You are a good example to us.


Thank you mami jane :) pero ndi po sa lahat ng pagkakataon nababalance ko..maraming flaws din po

Wonderful post. Wow, you do a lot but you seem to have it undercontrol. I like your tips on balancing time.

Having time for our loved ones is so important. It's so easy to say, oh I will do that tomorrow but -- and it happens all too often -- sometimes there is no tomorrow.

Hugs and appreciation!!


Thank you! I sometimes cannot handle it properly because of lack of rest, just like now I have to rest but what I am doing is here posting and commenting..hehe.. Having time with our loved ones makes our life more meaningful. Thanks for dropping by here :)

@saskia I agree it's more. On time management but I wish I have more time to do steemit


I make time for steemit, even I'm not posting every day, I make time to upvote and commenting on other steemian post :) but what's important is you are still here. Keep on steeming!

you don't seem to be stressed with all those things you do😀

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