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Life is all about what you learn, how you lead and how you serve. Yes, this was the theme of the leadership camp that my daughter attended yesterday. This was her first leadership camp, and she was very anxious to enjoy the event to the fullest. So she got ready and reached the school by 7 a.m. only.




Then from there, they were taken by a bus to a camp site, where they enjoyed the full day with outdoor activities that included sling shot, zipline, rope climbing etc. And by the time they came back in the evening, they were fully tired, but they were equally happy.

She was certified the best in all the activities , and very much excited to show her achievements to us.


And then she also bought a nice pot which she made herself with the assistance from the guide.


As a parent, we must encourage our kids to learn good things and provide them opportunity and this was a perfect example to give her the chance. Many of her friends did not go, but she was determined to go and do all activities and have all the fun.

Its essential for them to learn from all these and then lead and serve to the society.


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