Understanding the mystery of attracting women to yourself

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When God created the female gender, no matter which species, He put attractive traits in them which the opposite genders cherish. However, to have their attention in return is a hard commission for males. As a certain species of birds sing and dance to their female fellow birds to attract them (called courtship display), or frogs have a specific chorus call to attract female frogs to themselves, human males also have the urge to attract females to themselves. If you’re a man and you’re wondering about a crush to attract, you must be looking for qualities in you to enhance for them to give you attention, you should read this article.

There are only a few mysteries of attracting women to yourself. Although, not all the below qualities are needed, because as they say, ‘Love is blind’. Here are some qualities a man should possess.

1- Height Matters

Now, if you’re a male who doesn’t care about a woman’s looks rather goes for her intelligence, smartness, style and brain, you are probably short as you can’t put an effort for your height to grow, obviously. Jokes aside, if you prefer looks above everything, you might need to prove your 5’8+ height as women tend to attract to males who are tall (or at least taller than them).

2- Humor: The Biggest Bonus Men Could Have


Being a male, probably the easiest way to attract a woman towards yourself is being humorous. In a research, women tend to have more burden and tension throughout the day as the female brain produces hormonal imbalance. The sense of humor is a huge asset. So, somebody with a good height is like eye candy, but humor is definitely a bonus and will take you from 5 to 8 on a scale of 1-10 real quick.

3- Stubble or a grown beard matters more than you think

Now, a lot of men don’t know this, but women dig men with a bit of stubble. No wonder actors like George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt rock the stubble look so easily. It is also known as a bad-boy trademark that women have a soft spot for.


4- Leadership skills

Knocking looks aside, one of the biggest potentials in a man include his leadership skills. This also involves his social status, his body language, speaking style and ways of handling glitches and snags.

Even in animals, when there is one female and two males, the two males fight to prove who is worthy of ‘marrying’ the female. But that’s in animals. In humans, a woman goes for a man who actually likes to handle affairs peacefully yet when a time comes to take a stand and sometimes use physical force to stop something bad from happening, he doesn’t sit back rather becomes a leader and a fighter on his own.

5- An athletic, nimble body

Coming back to physical appearance, women usually attracted to men based on their bodies. If you’re tall but feeble and skinny, you won’t inevitably be as attractive as a short but nicely built man. But before you hit the gym and start your protein supplement intakes, researchers have shown that women actually prefer a V-shaped body. Which are strong and broad shoulders but a thin/small waist. (So much pressure, right?)
Alongside going to the gym, you can wear V-neck t-shirts that make your torso look slimmer. Wear clothes that fit perfectly on your body such as a well-tailored blazer.

6- A playful, ecstatic, teasing soul


Before explaining anything else, you should know tears aren’t a sign of weakness (as mocked by many people). In fact, showing your true emotions at a funeral, loss, or even in love, means the world to a female as it shows that you have nice, humble and a caring heart.

Moving to the topic, complimenting all the time makes a woman fed-up (believe it or not) and it is then ignored if it becomes a custom of yours. Rather throw a joke here and there about her new style or tease her about something. Be open minded, play with her mentally and be there to support her and she will always be in awe of you.


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Nice article! Number 6 is the most important one, just be nice, humble and honest. Showing you're really interested is also a huge plus. Interact and don't talk about yourself the whole time. Give compliments, but don't overdo it.

Thank you, I am glad you liked it.
You are so right about keeping the balance.

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