The more you are willing to engage, the more it gets better

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It’s a decree of the universe, the more you want or need something, the more you put exertion in it hence your results will be fairly anticipated. Your involvement in something proves your fondness for the work you’re doing. Be it making your own blog, writing articles, playing sports, cooking, baking or even your studies and job. If you want to perfect something, practicing it is another thing. The first and foremost thing is to know your intention, your energy, and your vibe towards that particular task you have to do.


When you are willing to engage in something, you obviously do not care about the time that it takes. Or the amount of effort and energy you have to put in it. All you care about is the result. Much of your time spent being involved in what you want to achieve, make the work far better than what you might have been guessing. Everything that has to be done perfectly, takes tries and rehearsals.
Take an example of your aim; say you are looking forward to succeeding in your field at your job. You do not have much experience, you’re a ‘freshie’. Your aim is to get better at your job so your boss could put you in a higher rank. What would you possibly do? Sit at home, wondering, day dreaming, imagining stuff that you must be doing? Or would you rather put the effort of your day and night work, spending even extra few late nights at the office and even working on the weekends sometimes. And try to prove to your boss that you are actually worth the position? Obviously, if you’re genuinely looking forward to taking a step further in the ideal job that you have, your answer will be the latter.


If you are willing to catch on a specific goal and have a hold of it, you evidently will get more involved in ways that take you closer every day to your goal’s achievement.
One common misconception that a lot of people have is when you come near your goals or the position that you wanted, you start laying off the workload. You think you’re almost there so you deserve a break and a treat for yourself. This is one crucial point that people fail to understand. You cannot expect something to be handed over to you right away when you think you kind of deserve it now. The truth is, when you become closer to your objective and better at your job, your job becomes risky. You will have to go through the last process which is principally the hardest.


Taking above example, if you slowly start thinking that you’re almost there, know that your boss is in fact testing you. This is the time and the point at which you need to start focusing on your willingness to work. Because the more you’re willing to work, the closer you are to your goal and the better it gets.
One thing to remember in the case of willingness to put effort to make something better, is that there is never a long break even when you have reached your target. Once you take a long pause, everything starts to go down the hill. It’s called life. There is always an ending to something that you stop putting effort into. This rule isn’t only justified to relationships but your job, moreover money too. The second you stop having growing thoughts, you lose your energy and eventually you won’t be better at it. It will take you a lot of time for the second try to get better. So when you reach the top, remember to keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground. Your head should never be empty of ideas and visions. The more you have notions and apparition, the more it gets improved and enhanced.


Progress are infinite. Progress is like a road that has no end. The only end is when you are truly satisfied with your life. But being a human, you will not be satisfied. Although, satisfaction and contentment are two different things according to the aim you have. Yet, you will be contented with the amount of work and the result it has given you, but you should not be satisfied. Because that satisfaction will lead you to an end. When you reach the dead end of the road, you know there is only turning back. And in your case, it will be started from the bottom.


One last thing to remember while you’re engaged in the process of the betterment of anything including yourself or your job, is to sit back and actually enjoy the process. And not to be avaricious or hasty. When you take the process and the steps, your willingness to be engaged in it should show enthusiasm and passion.


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