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RE: The Bullshit In Goal-Setting (And The REAL Road To Surfing The Waves Of Wealth)...

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Up voted , thanx for the knowledge ,

Up vote back if you like what u see.

Bro .

Ja bless


I never vote because people ask/want.

Such an approach pretty much guarantees I won’t.

Well , you don't have to vote if you don't like what you see , you high reputation , steemers , forget how you started ..

Good luck , bye.

nope, didn't forget.

started writing for the sake of it with no expectations, motivations of creating value. not begging for attention and votes.

and it's been an absolute pleasure supporting others I've come across walking that same path, inspiring by the example they set of showing up to engage in substance-rich conversations without selfish intentions - some of who've been on my autovoter list for months and the rewards from which have replaced their monthly incomes as a consequence of their leading exceptionally with great content and conduct.

Well brother , for us the new people to steem , is very difficult to get any attention , I am writing my own staff , had a sushi restaurant in Israel , and yes I was a little rude , but other wise how would I get any attention , came here from fb, my friend convince me to start writing in this blog , my biggest fb post got 45,000 likes , but here I'm new , i am creating value , and showing this platform to new people.
Because , I really like the idea.

Anyways sorry again for being rude, but you should read something I write , maybe you will be surprised.

Amazing day bro.

No need for “sorry.”

I get the dilemma for newbies wanting to make it. And now, you’ve got a clearer ideas of what may and may not work here... ;-)

Actually I was reading what you wrote all of it ,and my up vote was because , I like your post and way of typing .what you did in Bali for 5 years ,
I was in India , parvatti valley , Kasol .

The source of charash , what you wrote about , able to make it in steem ,actually I start to see it coming , till then , I'm working in economic system of slavery , like all of us , good day brother , what type of music , trance?

No idea how to label/categorize, every project different and kind of a unique fusion of styles that’s tough to lump into a single one...!/@rok-sivante

Sounds of Japan , make me wana make sushi

Had 7 years sushi restaurant before the bankrupt.

And saw you live in Canada ..

Was living there half a year was to cold , ran away .

But killer weed.