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RE: Just a short update - and maybe a couple of pics of my girl...

in #life3 years ago

Aww five months old already :D She's so smiley and cute it hurts aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

The first year has this really bad habit of kind of flying by. Good to hear the meds are helping :) Probably not the worst idea to chill til next year as far as your regular posting goes, and maybe just update us on how you and the family are going over silly season if you feel like it :)

I will probably just harass you on Discord anyway but I'm on the rock so time gap is bigger than usual

And of course Mousey is going to get thoroughly spoilt XD


I do sometimes have good ideas that border on even sensible :)

I would hope to get a Christmas post up at some point after the day. I'll certainly be away from the laptop from afternoon/evening on the 24th through to late on the 25th if not 26th. I did consider taking it with me to their place, but easier not to. will have my phone though, so discord is possible.

Yup, she'll get spoilt and won't even remember the day. This one really is for the mummy and daddy to enjoy.

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