Just a short update - and maybe a couple of pics of my girl...

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So, it's been over 3 weeks since I posted. I will firstly report that I am still here, still alive and (mostly) well.

With that said, I've been doing a lot of work getting my health back on track over the last month. I've adapted to the new medication (Zoloft) which has mostly meant sleeping more and earlier, so my time in bed gets me up an hour before I used to get up most of the time, but I'm in bed 2-3 hours earlier. And there have been many afternoon naps from exhaustion too.

I've been spending at least 2 days a week offline for the majority of the day while I visit my partner and our baby (who's somehow over 5 months old already! where'd that time go!). She's currently teething, and has her first tooth come through already. She rolls over, and is working on all the mechanics to get the crawling thing happening. I'm pretty sure she's got the strength to do it, just hasn't got all the coordination happening together yet. She's been enjoying being in the pool quite a bit and loves the water. She's been to the big pool a few times and enjoys splashing there while we hold her up. She's already outgrown the little inflatable boat pool we had, so she's now got a bigger one that only just fits on the balcony. She's also enjoying solids, well the puree'd stuff that counts as solids anyway. Taking after her mum with the love of chocolate milk too, but that's possibly just cos she hasn't had strawberry yet :)

When I've not been visiting them, I've been getting my house tidied, watching a lot of stuff on Netflix and staying up to date with my youtube subscriptions. I've been playing some idle games, as well as Diablo 3 and Path of Exile. Exercising has been fairly restricted, with a very limited energy capacity, but walks to the local shops/mall and the train station have happened. I've missed 3 of the last 5 gaming evenings, and would have missed another if it wasn't the Christmas event one. I have managed to get all my Christmas gifts organised (well, the last wrapping has to be done today but all the gifts are here).

My mental health has been recovering, but I still have regular days that aren't as good as I'd like, and the stress levels are too far out of whack still, even with me actively not committing to doing things aside from visiting my family. The medication is certainly helping though, as I no longer feel like it's out of control.

I think I'm going to skip posting my normal regular content until early January, just to leave any self imposed pressure out until the silly season is over and done with.

Hands are almost always in the mouth now. One or the other, sometimes both...

I'm pretty sure that's not how bibs work Granddad

One of the best photos I've woken up to. She's such a happy little girl

Enjoying a play in the pool with mummy.

Another morning greeting photo on her new play mat after outgrowing the first little one

Maisie's first Santa. We have been and seen another and got better photos since this, but she seems fine with Santa

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Aww five months old already :D She's so smiley and cute it hurts aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

The first year has this really bad habit of kind of flying by. Good to hear the meds are helping :) Probably not the worst idea to chill til next year as far as your regular posting goes, and maybe just update us on how you and the family are going over silly season if you feel like it :)

I will probably just harass you on Discord anyway but I'm on the rock so time gap is bigger than usual

And of course Mousey is going to get thoroughly spoilt XD

I do sometimes have good ideas that border on even sensible :)

I would hope to get a Christmas post up at some point after the day. I'll certainly be away from the laptop from afternoon/evening on the 24th through to late on the 25th if not 26th. I did consider taking it with me to their place, but easier not to. will have my phone though, so discord is possible.

Yup, she'll get spoilt and won't even remember the day. This one really is for the mummy and daddy to enjoy.

Congrats on your baby. Very beautiful with a photogenic smile. A happy child. So adorable. Thanks for sharing her pictures.
Nice steeping btw. 👍🙂

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That she does. It's only an issue when trying to evade the shopping centre stalls of photo companies. They all seem to want to do photo shoots and use her for their advertising. I will request payment for the model, as well as licensing rights for the use of her image. For some reason none of them want to agree to my terms...

Lol. Of course .. I completely agree with you. Not them. How dare they, right?

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Cutie Pie Alert!!! 😎

Oh very much so. She's super cute

Congrats on your new daughter. You'll make a great father.

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Thanks. Always wanting to be a better father

Very beautiful and fun child. I wish you to not hurt anyone in the new 2019, to be always in a good mood.

I'm pretty good at the not hurting other people thing. Got to do a bit better at the not hurting myself though. I do hope that 2019 is a much better year

Hi, Maisie, you gorgeous kid :)
It's your very first Christmas, how exciting. You're the only person in your family who isn't sick of Christmas Carols yet. Enjoy that while it lasts.
Great to see you chilled out with Father Christmas. I didn't notice you at first, that's some great camouflage.
See you next year, Sweetheart :)

Yeah, she looks so tiny in this one. About a week and a half later we had photos with a different Santa, because Big W's purchased photos were horrible with so much surrounding store rather than focussed on the Santa and Child. Mostly because their 2018 balloons were above the starfield background.

It is her first, but I'm not sure she really knows what's happening. She will be getting so many things though, because we all spoil her terribly.

Somehow I'm not that sick of the carols yet, but probably because I've not been out so much to shops etc, so haven't been hearing them every day for over a month.

Thanks for the update glad you and the little one a doing well.

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It's only taken me a week to get to writing this update, but I have at least gotten to it, which in itself is an improvement.

I really love your smiling girl! 😍

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

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I got so many cuddles from her today.

Cute baby

I like your photos 👍😊

Thanks. It's pretty easy to take good photos when the subject is so adorable all the time 😊

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