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RE: An Artistic Breakdown: Strangled

in #life2 years ago

I've never seen your comment section dead but then again by the time I get to your posts they're usually several hours old.

You can use that concrete block as a weapon. Just no head shots that could kill someone.

No breaks here. My callous disregard for money means I'm happy to carry on til everything dies in a fire (in which case I have one favourite witness that I'll be casually toddling off after should they go on to a fork, and those other vaguely familiar forks might actually get more love if they're not already) or resolves.

I know I've been quieter than usual lately but that's because life has been busier than usual lately not helped by the fact I'm not naturally organised and being forced to be organised because I'm managing a bunch of other people is exhausting XD


There have been a few occasions where it has been dead here and when that happens I quickly go back and read the post to see what I said wrong. Did I typo and accidentally tell everyone to go fuck themselves?

When it comes to the money, unfortunately I needed this to work out, as I banked a lot of working on this project rather than actual work that pays. Two jobs probably would have been the way to go, but I didn't know they'd simply push us all out of business here. Go back far enough you'll see Steemit talking about this place being good for business. And now this? This situation is the opposite of everything that misled me here.

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