Human Emotions is indeed expensive

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Human emotions is indeed expensive. ☺️A smile can easily be given, but tears come from the heart. Its either from positive or negative reaction.

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Tears of joy are always welcome in our lives, just as tears of sadness are part of life, we grow, things and people changes, but having someone to pick up the pieces of our hearts or celebrate the joy in our life. It's something us humans can all relate too.

Although it tooks real courage to admit those tears, being vulnerable and sharing our deep emotions to other people is one of the hardest but most courageous things we can do. I believe in mutual respect and not thinking that you are better than any other person. Just give your smile to others, spread humanity and love. ❤️

This is just a reminder that life is too short. Make a positive impact while you can and do things that will make you and others happy.

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. - George Sand


Well.. I hardly have tears... Instances where I ought to cry, I don't cry. I feel the impact but tears hardly come down. I read @surpassinggoogle's teardrop post and I felt something. Like someone out there was trying to change the world... And make it better. If a lot of people know how truly someone can encourage people and help them be the best version of themselves even on steemit, They would try to be more like these someone I am talking about.

Yes, It's true that @surpassinggoogle has been acting like a queen in a game of chess, he's been protecting the pawns which are the minnows in this case, and giving them something to hold on to and say that truly the Human part of humans is still there. Thank you for this, it's time to show the world my own humanity. The teardrop tokens indeed brings tears of joy to the Steem community whenever we recall this.

I Hope that all of you will be inspired and will spread love and humanity through out the world 😀💕.

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Yeah thanks dear. Love is the universal message that everyone understands. So thanks for making your self am advocate.


Love is the greatest gift everyone could give. ❤️

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@surpasainggoogle make "teardrop" a chance for people sharing happiness and sadness. Share together a d give advices


Yes indeed @opeyemioguns. That's why Im encouraging everyone to support @surpassinggoogle. He's such a great person.

Regards @ruelx

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