Social media, can you make me better? Or do you steal my time?

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Hey, my dears. Can you listen to me? There is one thing which is always bothering me. For the last 10 years, everyday….What if I could spend more time with you before? Grandfather, you left me so unexpectedly… I was only a small girl, who just enjoyed every day with you…I still remember your smile, the delicious dishes you made all the time, how incredible it was to go outside with you or just sit on your knees while you read a newspaper. I can’t come back to these days. I miss you Grandfather…But you gave me the most important life lesson: "Enjoy in every moment. Don’t waste your time.’’ My dears, what do you think of where/how we are wasting/spending most of our lives nowadays? We’re living in a one, huge social media world.

The average human lifespan is 70-80 years. Can you guess, how much time you are wasting on social media?

What can you say now? I guess you are too shocked to say anything. Our daily routine takes less time than social media. Is it normal? Don‘t you think it‘s time to change? On the other hand, social media can make you better, smarter, and motivate you more. I can tell you some tricks I do. Basically, I have a priorities list for social media use.

My priorities of social media:

• The articles, videos, pictures, and posts should motivate me. In other words, to give me some enduring value.

• I should learn something from it.

• It should help me with working. (to do some tasks, communicate with colleagues, to share the needed information)

• It should help me keep in touch with my friends or followers.

• It should influence my personallity in a better way. For example, inspiring me to do more kind things, to try something new, to help me cherish my old values and make a new ones.

• It should to help me improve myself. For example, to share my ideas, experience, or find some people who could help me or have the same goals and hobbies.

Also, I have some suggestions, how social media could make you better too.
Social media can make you better, if you :

• Know how to plan your time. You can set a time limit , how much time you will spend on social media.

• Read, follow, and listen to things, which can make your personality more rich. I will share my list of the websites or people who can give you enduring value to you. And all the time ask yourself these questions: Do I really need it? Can it make me better?

• Less negative news, articles, people you follow.
• Would spend a few hours a day or one day in a week without social media.

As I mentioned, I‘m going to share with you my list of websites and people in which interest me most.

My TOP 10 inspiring people :

• Tai Lopez
• Jack Ma
• Jonathan Jacques
• Jacque Fresco
• Oprah Winfrey
• Jay Shetty
• Steven Bartlett
• Gary Vaynerchuk
• Preston Smiles
• Prince Ea

The most powerful websites:

I hope you will not forget it. Just, stop for a minute and think, what kind of things are really important and which ones are not so much? Don‘t waste your time. Use those social medias in smart ways. I would like to know, what kind of websites and people in social media are inspiring you? I can‘t wait for your answers. I'm so grateful, for your follows and comments. Tell me your opinion about this article, and of course, share some ideas and suggestions. See you soon!!!

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@ruelle , nice post , i personally feel that people waste their so much of time just by posting any non related comments, pics on other social media platform very few use it wisely. Followed n upvoted u.


Thanks, spectra88. I'm feeling the same. Time is the most valuable thing. But we are forgetting sometimes...

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I've noticed that there are two different times I'll post on social media. I'll use Instagram for this example. I hardly use it, I just hit my 50th post this week after using it for several years. It's a decent way to look at all of the people I've met throughout my life, see what they're up too, see what they're celebrating, and my favorite; seeing where they are in the world. To a lot of my friends it comes natural to post a beautiful picture on the 'gram, but it's a lot harder for me and others. For instance, I went out drinking with my sister and some of her friends and they were all taking beautiful pictures and posting them all over social media. I was the odd man out, had someone take my phone and snap a terrible looking picture of me swigging straight from the vodka bottle. ~~30 likes. Last week Monday I went out paddle boarding with a friend and took a little risk and brought my phone on the lake. The main intent was to take pictures of her for Instagram. When we were taking a break I took a few selfies of me laying down, cutting half of my face and showing the skyline behind me. I didn't try to take a very nice picture, and I usually don't. But I got lucky and had my highest liked solo picture (one with just me, not a friend or family member) of all time. I wasn't trying to force it and I already was having a good time on the lake with my friend.

Sorry that was kind of a tangent but my point is, you may be behind social media for a long time, but think about the things you're doing to be the reason you make a post on SM. So I may be on social media a lot, but I'm using it for new ideas that I can do both in real life, AND to post on social media. I think if we intertwine these things we might be spending our time a little bit more.


Hey, Thanks for the opinion. I mean, if u can get or give something valuable of course it's not a waste of time. Only in this way I'm on the Social media side. All the time, need to know what you want , what you need and what you can give for others. I'm glad, that I'm on Steemit. It makes me a better person

Wise perspective!
Thanks for sharing 💚


You are welcome ianperc. Good to know that you like:D

I love this article so much although ironically I read it while wasting my time on the internet. Thanks for the enlightment!!


Thankksssss!!!!!! I just wanted to share this with you. Only you can decide to use it or no. Good luck silabus:D


Your Welcome!

I liked it your post...


Thanksss!!!!! Have a nice day aljofer:D


you too! :)


Thanks!!! You are nice:D


jeje, thanks a lot

i like ur post


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Thannkkssss marviaara!!!!

Love this article another important post and message that we all need to consider and take into account. I see some hope with steemit compared to FB to help along with this trend, since if it picks up and content creators are rewarded for their posts and creativity, then even social media will evolve into something that is beneficial and educative to everyone.

I find sites such as facebook, put so much focus on grabbing other peoples attention and just receiving abstract likes for stupid statuses and irrelevant bullshit, that it is literally destroying the attention span of most chronic users of the app.

It is a difficult thing to find balance in life, but it is the most important ingredient for a healthy life, and with that should also come a greater discrimination in whether I wish to derive my sense of enjoyment from something superficial that wastes my time or from something that teaches me something new or is beneficial to me.


Thanks for this comment ravenking13. I'm agree with you. I see the bigger value and much more perspective on Steemit than Fb. Here, you can be real you, can write about you want to, even about some valuable things. What about Fb. Mostly you can find selfies or post without any reason or value.


Wholeheartedly agree :)


Good to know your opinion:)

interesting post, particularly I think you can make the moment better to someone with a good publication, the idea is always to give the best... regards @ruelle


I'm glad you like it. Thanks for your notices:) Good luck saludoalama!!!!

Oh! Importan information was provided by this chart (pie diagram). However it refers a which kind of people...There are a lot of variables that can produces strong changes in this chart! Where people live / salaries / single or married / man or woman / etc etc etc
But it is a good approach!
Thank you for share!
Best regards


Big thanks for the observation!!!! Anyways, I'm glad you like this article. Have a nice day, changobagio:)

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Interesting article. Let me just pose a challenge I often question my friends about:
Through technology we save time (think about Amazon doing grocery for you) .. but where does that time go to? Do we invest it soundly? What if we were living a time-inflation scenario?


Wow, I didn't expect that kind of question. Great that you asked this. Social media has a light and dark side of course. This is why I'm telling you, that we need to be careful and use it smartly. Do we invest it soundly? You know, it depends on a person and his own goals, attitude of the time

Actually, the only social platform that I use is Steemit because it helps and challenges​ me to practice my English skills. Thank you for your post I really enjoyed it.


Good luck with English. I'm improving my English too. Keep going arcanu!!!! Thanks for enjoying my post:) I'm appreciate


I'm grateful to you!!! Wow,you even featured in your article about me:)