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Ha ha ha First of all, I want to laugh at the stomach hurry or the formula is not on those people who have a job after marriage, they see a girl with a bad look before marriage, to some extent I believe right. If these people are seen but in today's times it is necessary that both the husband and wife work only if the household expenses can go on in the right direction, I am not married and I have knowledge of this, but one thing must be said. Hu Of that! Due to the most troubles in this country, dowry (some uneducated people and people with a new thought and debt they have a new thought, and old age is a mixture of these two, it is okay to stay away from these people), if dowry You should be removed and given the job of teaching the girl instead of her, even before marriage, any boy can take dowry or even take it away! But this is never going to happen! The only law makers of our country do break the law; the government considers the small people to be the only dowry promoter, but on the contrary, it is thought that the son of the big people is so dowry that why he is a big brother. If we get dowry too, then we can become bigger even in the eyes of the society! All this is stupid!
The only thing is that two people have a hand in promoting dowry 1. Big people (leaders, film stars and even those who come in it) Society (This is the biggest cause of dowry. People here take dowry just because nobody loses credit in society, here it is that if the person's family got 1 lakh then now we should get more than 2 We will be respected, ha ha ha ha and all the donkeys are all)
And this is the reason why the girls are not able to read even after getting so much relief, their father is not teaching them to read dowry money. This is the biggest issue and when the girl does not read, she will get a job! I have the information most of the people of the written and uneducated people who are making the society dirty and joking and some of the well-written Budu is the only government and the law here! So here nothing is going to happen from talking to me if this thing is loud enough to boil it!20180823_100317_0001.png


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