The Good, The Bad & The Ugly P.3 of 3 "New World Socialist Order"

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Preface - There are a good many Classic Liberals out there, of which I consider myself, but the Leftists and Post Modernists(PM) have become Globalists and the drivers behind a lot of the chaos we are seeing in Western Civilization. This is directed at them.

The Evidence

I made a lot of claims in my post Friday, "The Deep State" and now it is time to back them up. I'm specifically going to address the divide & conquer strategy, the attack on our civil liberties and the Socialist agenda behind it.

Divide & Conquer in the name of Diversity(not of thought of course)

One of the greatest leaders in history, Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

As a people we have strived since he said those words to make his dream come true. Recently though, Leftists and Post Modernists have been preaching the exact opposite. Your worth in society is solely based on your victimhood status, whether it be your color, sex, or any other identifying characteristic as long as it's not your ability or achievements. You are a victim and everyone else is to blame and must repent. It's the bigotry of low expectations and there is a reason for it, dependency which I will get to later.

Liberals have been throwing out buzzwords for a long time, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, bigot, classist everything you can think of to attack someone with a differing opinion so they can prove they are virtuous. 40-50 years ago those were valid criticisms in American society, but most of the members of that generation have retired and/or died off. The demographics have drastically changed in America.

America has never been more progressive when it comes to equality of opportunity. We elected our first black president for two consecutive terms. (1) A majority of Americans approve of same-sex marriage and women are now outclassing men in (2) universities and the (3) workplace.




Yet with all this progress the Leftists/PM would have you think we were living back in the 1850's. Everyone they don't agree with is a racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, etc. It's not completely their fault though, the American and Western World Universities have become Post Modernist(PM) indoctrination factories that produce bullshit like this:

The Globalist media is no better when they try to normalize the acceptance of pedophilia and incest:



There is a theme, cause chaos, divide and fucking conquer. When everyone is at everyone else's throat because they are not pure enough or empathetic enough or whatever else the Left/PM demand, society begins to break down. Naturally, we look to the state to save us. And there is no end to the madness of the Leftists/PM as every day a new, absurd story comes​ out like this:

Attacking Civil Liberties & Western Culture

If the above wasn't enough to convince you that something nefarious is going on let's look at the assault on Civil Liberties and Western Culture some more.

Recently the NY Times hired a flat out racist to their editorial board, Sarah Jeong. This was the straw that broke my back. I could no longer stay silent on everything happening to Western Societies for the sake of my children.

For years Sarah tweeted racist things about white people. She said it was in response to some trolls attacking her first. Yet, nowhere did she quote said trolls in her responses. Additionally, she carried on for years. It was gut-wrenching researching her tweets. The absolute hatred in this woman is shocking, to say the least, especially as others have noted, thousands of white men went to their deaths to ensure Sarah's homeland, South Korea, was kept free from the North Koreans.

Sarah did us a favor though, she pulled back the veil and what we found is making more people wake up. We discovered Sarah is far from alone as being a verified racist on Twitter. This is an image of racist tweets by verified Twitter users. It comes from the recently defunct Verified Hate account/campaign.

His account was suspended the other day and now he posts on instead under @meme_america.

Now, as vile as these people are, in America they have the right to say whatever they like as long as they are not calling for violence against people. I support that right as difficult as it is. The Leftists/PM don't however unless it is their team speaking the hate. They have moved the goalposts so far that now even not calling someone by their pronoun is considered hate speech according to them. Funny, it never works the other way around when the Left/PM call everyone else a racist, nazi, uncletom, etc.

Specifically in America a generation is being indoctrinated by university professors and peers to think there are limits to free speech and they are the ones who will decide, today that is, right out of an Orwell novel. Tomorrow it could be the real right wing though that controls who decides.

There is also a movement afoot to enforce these Leftist/Post Modernist rules by going after companies. Forcing them to diversify for the sake of skin color, sexual orientation or a plethora of other reasons other than the content of character or they will be fined!

Then, when the companies are sufficiently diversified and cleansed of different think they begin to censor everyone else as we are seeing with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the SF Tech Giants that control a large swath of the internet. They are subverting the bill of rights by other means. If you do not follow their NWSO think you will be cast out, denied service, not considered for employment and flat out censored, ostracized as a social pariah, kind of like they doing over in China with a "Social" credit score.

Holy shit, Black Mirror wasn't fiction!

This is extremely dangerous because it is producing blowback all over the world. The far right, the other racists are gaining popularity and when they strike back it won't be with words.

Socialist Agenda

What is their goal? Simple, control so they can bring about a Socialist utopia like all the others before it, USSR, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and countless others that have brought about misery and death counts that would make Hitler blush. Yep, I went there. Stalin and Mao made Hitler look like a fucking schoolboy when it came to murdering people and all in the name of Utopia. Of course this time the Leftist/PM will get it right, right?

But how? By striking the fear of death into people. Policing everything you do, making sure you are dependent on the State and you keep voting for the Statists to reinforce your dependence on it. By making sure you blame everyone and everything else for your problems rather than taking control of your own life.

They will import millions of voters to vote for them because their own populations are wising up to their BS.

I will never forget listening to liberal talk show host Them Hartmann as he talked with a caller about how Texas would go blue due to all the immigrants coming into the country. At the time it struck a nerve because bringing my wife over legally and being in the trades I watched how illegal immigrants flooded the trades and drove down wages. It got me thinking, how could Texas turn blue if the immigrants were illegal? They can't vote, or can they? Who will police the potential 30 million illegal immigrant voters in the US when they vote for the party that is supporting them?

As more illegal immigrants flood Western countries they are naturally aligning with the Leftists/PM who support them. That is until they become a large enough voting block. Then they will begin to implement their own culture's rules, diversity be damned. And by then it will be too late to stop the decline and all-out war will ensue. I have no doubt they will come for the Leftists first because in the Leftist mind they can not and should not defend themselves because of the oppression hierarchy​.

We are starting to see the beginnings of skirmishes in Europe, Sweeden & Germany. Right on cue,​ the Globalists are labeling them Nazis.

Eastern Europe has told Western Europe to go fuck themselves and indeed​, Western Europe is fucking themselves. Unfortunately,​ as the Leftist/PM keep ignoring the problems and blaming the natives, they will drag us all down with them.

I am not anti-immigration. My wife was an immigrant and I am an immigrant in Japan, however legally​. I am in someone else's country and I am on my best behavior, doing my best to integrate and respect the culture.

Immigration needs to be done legally​ so that immigrants integrate into their new countries' societies. So they do not disrupt those societies to a degree that causes hatred and worse yet war.

This is especially true of America because we have the bill of rights. The only country on earth to guarantee​ by law, free speech.


We have a long, hard fight ahead of us against the Leftists/PM Globalists NWSO, but I have no doubt we will prevail. Humanity has never advanced as much as it has under the free and diverse societies of the Western World.

In America you can do whatever​ the fuck you want, but it doesn't mean I have to approve or support it and it doesn't mean you will not face the consequences of doing it. I have unalienable rights you can not take away regardless if you're offended. I have sound, censorship-resistant​ money in bitcoin and I have freedom of speech. I am not a victim anymore, I took the red pill and I've walked away.

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I totally agree with you and your content. The sad part of all of these is that the majority of people in this world don't care on how we can change the globalists or start fight back. If we never wake up, we will be controlled to our deaths.

So many people talk about the " New World Order " like if this was a good thing to humanity and is fucking detrimental to say the least. Here in Alberta - Canada, four years ago Fort McMurray an oil producing town was burnt down, this became like a start to shut down the oil patch in Alberta. Many oil companies, including where I worked as an instrument mechanic went broke over night for no reason at all.

After four years I can see now that the United States has gone to be a mayor supplier of oil and gas and Alberta has shut down. It's very fucking fishy if you ask me.


Thanks. Our forefathers have fought these bastards all over the globe for thousands of years and won. We can too.

Sorry to hear about you losing your job. I'm sure some things happened behind the scenes. Seems like you have some energy resources​ to set up some bitcoin mining farms. I know there is a guy who does just that at the oil production facilities.

You guys have got to vote out drama queen Trudeau. Start by getting Faith J. Goldy elected Mayor of Toronto to stop the damage, then rebuild Canada.

As I mentioned in my Friday post, I could entertain the idea of an NWO if at a minimum the Bill of Rights was one of their founding documents. But we know that would never happen because a majority of the world doesn't believe in free speech, equal rights, etc.

Both parts starting with Deep State I resteemed. Well done. You took a deep dive into a lot of the corners of the rabbit warren. More than one rabbit hole. ;)

From the reply you gave me on my post related to 1948 I didn't realize you were this far along. You've been digging into this for some good information I see.

I am labeled as RIGHT or ALT-RIGHT simply because I don't agree with narrative these suicidal lunatics are pushing.

Though in reality if I had to pick a party. I only ever identified with Libertarians due to being Socially Liberal (classical liberal) and Fiscally Conservative. I have been a registered Republican before so I could be a delegate for Ron Paul twice since he really is a Libertarian who decided to infiltrate the Republican parties. Once he was done I switched back to unaffiliated/independent.

I am also very much a voluntaryist. "Good ideas don't require force" is one of the most common mantras that bounces around in my head these days.

Anyway, good posts. I thought they deserved a comment.


Thank you for the support.

I think we are on the same page. I was a liberal for a long time due to feelings over logic. I know a lot of history, which surprised me that I wasn't familiar with the law you quoted. There is no doubt being open-minded, responsible and capitalistic got us to where we are. They left has abandoned those virtues though.

It really is such a big topic with so many heads it's hard to write about the subject. I tried to put my opinions out in a semi-coherent way. One thing is sure, Western Civilization is under attack. By whom is the question.


By whom is the question.

No one target or faction that I can determine. A lot of people. A lot of groups.

Ultimately the question is WHY.

I think it is mainly because FREEDOM isn't actually appealing to them.

They prefer us enslaved. They've gotten better at convincing us to put the shackles on ourselves, fashion the leashes, etc.

They even have us encouraging the government to whip the other slaves when they don't like that slave.

The things they push for seem to foster that mentality.

You see Socialism and Communism truly are the ultimate forms of monopoly.

They will often bash capitalists for some evil monopoly practice without realizing by doing away with that and putting it all under the umbrella of the government all they are doing is creating one huge monolithic monopoly with no competitors.