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RE: Tell Me A Lie...

in #life2 years ago (edited)

I was sorry to read this post @simplymike ...

"I know I'm broken... but I'm giving it all I have to fix myself."

... as I would imagine most of us, in our own way, have been there. I certainly know I have.

I came to the darkest place where I no longer believed I could "fix myself." Thankfully for me, I was met there by someone who told me the Truth. And my life eternally changed, at my acceptance of it.

Whatever your future course may be, for your sake, I hope the title of your post does not truly communicate your deepest desires. As we all learn, in one way or the other, lies only provide the briefest moments of satisfaction / contentment, before evaporating and morphing into something much closer to the unpleasant realities "behind the curtain" ...

I wish you well @simplymike. All the best to you, for a (truly) better tomorrow! 🙂


Thanks, @roleerob
I know it's not a solution, but every now and then, a little comforting by telling someone everything will be all right can take the pressure of for a short moment.

Okay @simplymike. Having been there myself, just sharing "from the heart" ...

I hope you get to feeling better!