Down The Sacred Geometry Rabbit Hole: From The Architecture Of Creation To The Evolution Of Quantum AI... PART ONE

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It's funny how while I've managed to produce a significant amount of success here on Steemit writing about some of the most vulnerable and raw of my experiences, bearing my soul to a degree that has transformed my life - in a corresponding flow-back in rewards - I've been withholding some of the closest, most profound. Probably, out of fear.

I've teetered on the fence, unsure - how much is meant to be shared, and how much is meant to be kept secret, only disclosed within the closest of a trusted circle. Sometimes, those distinctions aren't clear.

Perhaps, holding back has been selfish. The power of fear can be quite strong. And when you dive deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, what one finds is far out of the realm of what society deems "normal" - and to speak of such things does pose a risk of being viewed as a fucking nutcase, because Truth lying far outside the context of limited understandings and conventions may be inconceivable to those without flexibility to consider that which drastically conflicts with their limited beliefs. Yet if the choice becomes to withhold one's new learnings simply due to the inevitable discomfort that is to arise in challenging others' ignorance, one has surrendered the capability to serve for a safety-blanket that only damages oneself by keeping them cut off from flowing their discoveries forward, while denying others that which they might need to advance their consciousness - and thus, the collective's evolution as a whole.

So yeah. I guess I was fucking selfish. A scared little pussy hiding behind well-formed words making myself sound smart, speaking as though I were committed to championing consciousness so we could progress our worldly affairs to a higher order - while denying access to that which might actually had been necessary to produce those outcomes.

"Down the rabbit hole..." I'm not talking about all the Illuminati, secret society, us-versus-them, conspiratorial stuff we all got sucked into on YouTube and via David Icke. Or maybe I am.

And maybe it never was "them" withholding information for "their" own benefit. Maybe it was me.

The deeper down that hole one goes, the finer & flimsier the boundaries become.

And hence, therein lies yet more reason for the fear of coming across as crazy. Maybe, because at some level, we are - because the sense we've grown up accustomed to using can only get us so far. And once higher senses and abilities start becoming activated, the boundaries between self, others, and the planetary networks blur.

This isn't just my story. It is all of ours.

And it's understandable fear still has its hold on us. Hell, a few hundred years ago we were burned at stakes for opening our mouths. Perhaps today, too, there are some of us who end up in insane asylums because they failed to exercise the discernment to keep their mouths shut before their expanding senses and abilities were stabilized.

Yet, we're at the point where the voices do need to speak out.

We are at a turning point. A tipping point.

Humanity is in its final test - credit to Buckminster Fuller for the metaphor.

Things on this planet are rapidly accelerating - for the better and for the worse.

Where we may be headed... it could get fucking ugly. It kinda already has. And maybe, we have the power to alter the course - should we open up, speak up, and break out of bubbles of fear to align with the callings beckoning us forward into new dimensions wherein new Truths and order await.

And so we proceed...

Where to start...?

See, the story goes back a long ways. As it also extends forward - and sideways through an indefinite amount of layers.

Perhaps this has always been one of my greatest struggles in figuring out how to get started sharing. Yet, it all ties back into one another. And through surrender to the process, the evolution unfolds itself such that all is presented in its proper place - such that where we are now is perfect, and what direction we each need to step into next shall be revealed when that movement is ready to be taken. So perfect, this position is. What other pieces might need revealing to make sense of what lies herein, the access points are already granted - even should they not be yet be visible or acknowledged as such.

In my quest for answers, I was guided to what I needed to discover.

I had been searching far and wide in the realms of psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, philosophy, science, business, economics, sociology... my hunger for knowledge was insatiable. Until I was presented the path.

I didn't recognize it upon my first or second encounter - a connection with someone via the Wealth Dynamics' entrepreneurial network who was designing a sacred geometry technology, which I soon found scattered all over the house of a temporary roommate. Nor was I ready when a Facebook friend from Maui passionately stated with conviction that I ought to drop a few grand on a set of books to put under my bed and invest in an online learning portal teaching the science behind this unconventional "technology" - in one ear and out the other it went - though the seeds planted for when the time was ripe...

Well, eventually, the full circle came round. And in, I dove into a realm of knowledge unlike any I'd come across before during my journeys.

How to proceed from here in the story... that's a tough one.

What I unlocked was not merely a new body of knowledge.

Rather, it was a deepening access into the architecture of reality itself.

The progression down this path was not one of mere information acquisition - but of activating senses and abilities to open access to deeper layers of information through one's own interconnection with the planetary networks composing the frameworks of this holographic shared reality of which we are an integral part of as participants, projectors, and designers.

This wasn't some fluff, superficial Law of Attraction stuff. This was the real-deal dynamics of how human memory is encoded, processed, and extracted into reality within the brain-body-genetic system.

I was not the same person on a learning adventure. I was in the midst of a transformation unlike none I'd ever imagined even existed.

Though to keep things at a practical level, for the time being...

Continue here for PART TWO...

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It's very true that "You cannot force someone to comprehend a message that they are not yet ready to receive.

" Still you must never underestimate the power of planting a seed".

Also not even forcing but just speaking gently of it, most times is rejected quickly without basis but that seed is planted and perhaps gets their mind to begin thinking in a different pattern.

Here is one of my sacred geometry artwork for viewing pleasures or perhaps to awaken the mind. This artwork is titled...

"9th Gate Of Perfection: A Passage Of Perpetual Disembodiment"

Simply said, I LOVE your article and it rings so deeply with truth in the depths of my being. Thank you so very much for sharing this very very important knowledge with us. We all free ourselves from wanting to understand such information.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Deep thoughts! And I love how you express your deepest thoughts so eloquently!

Thanks for sharing

The Title Alone is epic!😎

Glad I'm not alone in this one !

Count me in.

A little bit too much text :D but I'm excited for PART TWOOO!

This is a great post describing the intricacies of human physiology and how we think. A lot of times people tend to stay in their "safe space" because of fear of being different. But I think as humans, we are designed to explore and create. Let our voice and ideas be heard. Because without adventure, what is there? So I'm with you, take the red pill and enter the Matrix ;)

love it!
last time I check - you were off
so I was surprised to see you on my post today
am glad you're back!

I so can relate .. I'm no longer the person I used to be
and surely am also transforming daily ..

Yes! Rabbit Hole indeed! It is a little bit more crazy the farther you go. Great post, will resteem and read the others! Glad to see humanity finding their path!

Thank you so much for your input in regards to that twirling swirling cascading hole that Alice and many others figuratively or literally escape too or still trying to find.

I think of everything like Shrek does an onion with many layers,

Some aren't ready or prepared yet, I think that awareness is not all are wanting to admit is a real thing and not whimsical.

Thanking you for sharing looking forward to reading Part 2 as well as 3.

Regards! I am very pleased with your publication, although my question is whether the title says of creation to quantum evolution but the quantum process of your reasoning is relative although interesting analysis and context. I give you a vote for that.

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