beachday on the island of vlieland

in life •  11 months ago 


prepping for steemfest, krakow next week!

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  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Beautiful island Vlieland, actually as all the Netherland islands. One of our family's favorite (I mean really family including three generations and uncles with aunts and even neighbours, and schools in Münster) is Ameland. My hubby prefers those island to North German islands. YOur picture makes me very envious I want my holiday back adn would be happy to change place with you.

I hope the Steemfest will be success as previous ones, unfortunately have to work, but may be next time it will be close to my place, so that I can escape for short day trip :) Thank you for organising it for Steemians adn thank you for cour continuous supprt @rolandp :)

PS: By the time I finished my comment, my hubby told me that he also was on Vlieland, when he was 20 y.o. and he said that of course he visited all the Islands there. To tell the truth he wishes he could move completely to Ameland. We will see what hte future brings :)

Exciting! We've been reading up on Krakow. There will be plenty to keep us busy.

Good luck and success! ;D

Nice relaxing looking spot roelandp. I love getting out into nature and recently wrote about an island I try and visit at least once a year where I'm from called Hilbre island. I find that there is nothing better than wandering out to a wilderness spot like that to find clarity and get my mind in order.

Best of luck to you in the preparations for steemfest 3, I can only imagine how busy you must be.

I'm hoping to make it. I'm probably gonna end up in Krakow for a few days after steemfest as well, a flight thing. Can't wait to explore the city but also see if I can find any peaceful nature spots :-)