My First Day at my new position as a Killer Clown at Frightfest Six Flags Fiesta Texas...

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Damn, it was hot as hell in the large gymnasium type room we were waiting for.
So what were we waiting for ??


To get fitted for our Halloween Customs at Six Flags Fiesta Texas of course. Went in at 2 pm and it was not until 8pm before they even got to me and the Killer Clown group ( that's right, when I interviewed for the position I requested to be a Killer Clown and they gave that position to me :) )


Here is a pic (bottom) I took of myself in the Costume they fitted me for. I will be in the Clown scare Zone of the Six Flags amusement park. It's one of the BIGGEST destinations that Guests of the Park frequent during Frightfest which starts this Friday and ends Oct.31st.


I will keep you all up to date at my new job position here with pics and commentary to give you a first hand look at my ghoulish endeavors. I don't need the money but doing it because I thought it would be a blast. Being a season ticket holder for 3 years now,I always loved Frightfest at Six Flag Fiesta Texas here in San Antonio. And just wanted to be part of it. So kind of a dream come true when I found out I could apply a few weeks ago to be a part of the Frightfest and got the part.
It is a semi- big production because we have to be in full Character and people from hundreds of miles away pay big money to see all of it.

P.S. Don't know why it's upside down. It's not that way when I took the pic on my phone and not the way it looks when I just open the files. Weird. But you get the picture. You can turn your device upside down to see it better, I guess lol. Sorry about this


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Actually the upside down pic works better. Makes you look more scary like you are hovering above and ready to strike. Congratulations on getting the chance to live a dream of yours.

Looking good :P

Didnt know you had it in you, scaring little ones by scarying them :P

Congrats and good luck, Robert :)

Lol the costume looks cool...unless you hate clowns then it could look scary.

Looking for to those updates

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Dang dude clowns is just downright scary at the best of times. This one upside down takes the cake. Good luck with scare fest

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Hahahah! Damn! Looks fun. I've never been to Frightfest but I'm OBSESSED with Halloween so it's always been on my list of things to do. I'm about to take a trip around the country and am planning on spending a good amount of time in Texas due to friends and family, so if I'm around San A before Halloween maybe I'll swing by and get scared by you, haha

Sometimes I get sideways or upside-down pics too, no idea why.

I guess your device saw clown and decided to make the picture clownish (upside-down).

Congratulations on your prestigious post.

That will be fun scaring people! That has to be a pretty awesome event especially on Halloween there at SixFlags.