Unity, The power!

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There’s a saying of Aesop that,

“United we stand, divided we fall. “

Unity means living together, doing tasks together and of course facing difficulties together. We are civilized people. To live happily in our society, there’s no option but being united.

If you ask me what unity can achieve, I will answer “anything”. You can win anything if you are united.

Now the question comes that, “How unity helps to win?” I’ll answer the question with an example.

Let’s play a game. Bring some sticks. Now take one from them. Try to break it. Can you break it? I undoubtedly can say that you can. Now take two and tie them. Then do the same. You still can break. But this time you needed to put a beat of more energy. Now take twenty or thirty sticks and tie them together. Now what? Can you break them together? You can’t. Why is that? Because of unity. When there was only a single stick you could easily break it. But when they were united together, then you couldn’t break them.

This scenario happens to human too. When you are alone, then it will be very easy to beat you. But when you are united together, then it will be impossible to break you down. You’ll always be the winner. I hope you’ve got the answer.

Even if you are weak, when you are united, you are almost impossible to be defeated. Friedrich von Schiller said that

““Even the weak become strong when they are united.”

This proves the power of unity. If you are united, you are sure to be successful. In your life, there will be obstacles, hard times and many more. If you are alone, you may solve that sometimes with a lot of hardships. But being united, you are sure to face them with ease.

I would like to end with the sentence by Publilius Syrus,

““Where there is unity there is always victory.”

When you are united, then you are sure to be victorious. And when you are alone, you are sure to be defeated. And this a constant true.
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People could be united in there is nothing to share. However, when they earn something they could not make it and they do not share as before.
Interesting fact but that is what I see in the real life today.

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fantastic phase

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Nice post and example you gave i like it

Where there is unity there is always victory.

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