I'm Getting Old(er) - What Didn't Exist When You Grew Up? (We Live in Great Times!!)

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I just read a somewhat humorous post here on Steemit, by @soldier. It was entitled, "20 Things Today's Kids Will Never Understand." Now don't get me wrong, it was a great post, and definitely served it's purpose of getting me (everyone) to take a walk down 'Memory Lane.'

(We're so conceited lol)

It was a few of the comments that I giggled at, also. The post was more about remembering your childhood, and it obviously 'worked' well enough to get me to post about it also. I believe every generation, to some extent, believes that they had it difficult, or at least where 'there' for some really big changes in our development as humans.

Source (My First Computer)

I couldn't help but chuckle when one guy posted, "Kids today will never know the struggle like when i was a kid we had the portable cd players you would have to carry around extra batteries and if you rode the bus and hit a bump the cd would skip." lol Now that is truly a "struggle." Nearly as bad as not having electricity, or running water - NOT!! haha

Although I was born years before the introduction of cable television, microwave ovens cassette tapes, cellular phones, personal computers, and many other things that the last couple of generations take for granted, I also realize that I was fortunate to be born in 'modern times.'

Source (Everyone Remembers 'Mix Tapes,' right?)

It's not been so long ago when we didn't have modern conveniences like electricity, running water, flush toilets, incredible advances in health care, and yes - The Amazing Internet. Not that long ago there was no thermostat on the wall, where you just dial-in the temperature you want, and it just magically happens. If someone's air conditioning, or furnace fails, they often run to a motel, or family or friends, because they're sure they'll die if it isn't repaired nearly instantly. (You won't)

I often think of the incredible hardships people use to endure. There wasn't a pill for nearly every ailment, no airplanes, automobiles, trains, refrigeration, electricity, telephones, indoor plumbing, or many of the other luxuries we now take for granted. At one time people were executed if they were suspected of being 'witches,' and if you had an ailment, they may have put a hole in your skull to release the 'evil spirits,' or drained much of your blood in a 'blood-letting' episode, to get rid of the 'bad stuff.' lol Yes, even with all of the crazy things that happen around the world today, we live in good times.


My grandmother use to tell me stories of growing up in a tiny house with 5 siblings, a kitchen with a dirt floor, and eating, almost entirely, what they could grow, shoot, catch, or trade for. They were poor, and didn't have luxuries, but they were happy. I've always known that money doesn't buy happiness. I tried it though, even with my very modest income, thanks to credit cards. That's how I can be sure it doesn't work. Some of our modern conveniences are great, that's a certainty, and they can alleviate much suffering, but don't spend your life chasing money, 'shiny things,' or useless luxuries, believing they're the path to happiness. Enjoy your modern conveniences, and enjoy life.


I trust that everyone reading this this has their high-speed Internet connection, their latest-and-greatest cellular phone, and their mind-numbingly fast personal computer.

God help you if you have to "struggle" with a CD player that skips on your bus ride. ;-)

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