Make the Most of Your Day #LIVEwhileStillYOUNG

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A random thought came in to my mind just as I am arriving home from school and the traffic can't use my patience anymore. Traffic is a major problem in the philippines and must be given a resolution as soon as possible because it consumes most of the time of every person. Indeed, time is precious and the time consumes by the traffic can cause a great development in every living person. So, while riding on the vehicle, a thought came in to my mind that we should get a life. Make the most of your day and live while we are still young.


The capitalized words when combined "LIVE YOUNG" implies that age does not matter. As long as you enjoy what you are doing, then live with it. Like in the poem, nothing is permanent. Use time wisely. Use your time in happiness and joy.


The hashstag above #LIVEWHILESTILLYOUNG implies a deeper thought. Like the song "Live While We're Young", it is like the qoute "seize the day", which means make the most of the present moment. While we are still young, do the best thing because we will never know when will be our last chances. Opportunities might knock only once. Might as well, grab it and do better. That is what I have learned when I realized that I am not good enough and not getting any younger and still I have not done anything meaningful. I have come to ask what my pupose in life is. While we are still here, make a life that is worthy and memorable.


As what the passenger's Let her Go, you only need a light when it's burning low, only miss the sun when it starts to know. Chase your goal while it is still here. Chase life while you are still here. Moreover, Callum Scott's song said "If I could have turn back the clock, I'd make sure the light defeated the dark." Savor and do the right things while still you can. Do it with your love ones, family, friends, and people around you.

Lesson Learned

Every scenarios in life has a perfect reason. A reason with lesson and a lesson that should be learned. How funny that traffic causes such a thought that it made me wrong in saying that the time consumed by the traffic can cause a great change in life while it is not really wasted, but is used in realizing how life should be spent.

Thankyou and enjoy the rest of your day!



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