"Empty Rhetoric Inc." by Richard F. Yates

in life •  3 months ago 

Millions of things happening all at once right now, and I want to talk about all of them, individually, but I only have about an hour of free time before I'm thrown back into the thick of it all---so here's just a quick note...

Stuff's coming!!! Woooo!!!

Now that I've got you all excited and tingly with antici-------------pation, (anyone out there know THAT reference anymore?), I'm going to ditch out on you social media folks and venture back into the physical world. That's my new thing... I'm trying to build these weird, crypto-mystical, virtual ties between the PHYSICAL WORLD and my ART-WRITING and this BLOGGY THING... It's a risky operation requiring all my powers of science, psychology, magick, and comedy-----but I might have said too much already...

We mustn't ruffle the Winged Serpent's feathers, lest WE be ruffled in return. And on that deep and resonant note, I abdicate the microphone and dash back into the Great 3-D!!!

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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So come up to the lab and see what's on the slab.

Yes, I get the reference. A friend of mine who is heavily into cosplay is trying to persuade her boyfriend to dress as Dr. Frank N. Furter for the next convention they attend, and played that very video just last night in another attempt to persuade him to emulate Tim Curry.

I don't buy the hype for a new Steemit buster, BTW.

Ha! I've gone to showings of the RHPS as Frank-n-furter and Rocky... And I don't need a new Steemit either. I'm working on ways of incorporating the real world INTO Steemit in more substantial ways AND to get Steem and Steemit in front of the faces of people out in the real world who (from what I can tell around the small town where I live) haven't heard of Steem and probably don't know anything about cryptocurrency, cryptoart, or blockchain tech...mostly through front yard art happenings, zines, and propaganda posters and stickers and stuff... (You know: FUN!)

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