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The distance around Lincolnshire Lake is approximately one mile. Today I walked every step of that mile without a struggle, up and down hills and didn't once think I might die from the exertion.

I've been taking good care of myself for the past couple months, trying to eat healthy, drinking plenty of water, and getting plenty of rest. I took up yoga. I meditate. And I walk around this lake as often as I can.

I try to actually stay out of the lake, and so far I've been successful despite a tumble down the dam the last time I made this walk. That was no fun, and I have no desire for a repeat performance.

I always take doggies. What good is a walk without them? A couple weeks ago I took Milo, my big Anatolian Shepherd. Today I took Princess. She told me on no uncertain terms that she appreciated the trip and loves me for including her.

Normally I have more to say when I write a post. Tonight I don't feel very eloquent, so I'll let the photos speak for me. I had a great time walking around the lake today. I'll do it again every chance I get.


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So glad to see you outside and smiling. That looks like a lovely place to walk, and you have some fabulous company with you. I'm really happy to hear you're taking care of yourself, and that you're feeling the difference. :)

Life is good! :-)

What a beautiful place.. Surely this place invites me to walk with my dog. Your smile is beautiful and i am glad to know that you are taking good care of your health... stay healthy and keep smiling like this.

Thank you, @priyanarc! Yes, the lake is beautiful. Such a nice place to walk. And doggies will put a smile on my face every time. :-)

Looks like it was a lovely evening! I am super jealous of your still-green plant life 😭

Taking care of our health is so important, and for those blessed with relatively good health (like me!) it's even more important not to take it for granted. I'm fortunate that I can let my diet and activity slide a bit and not immediately wind up in trash mode, but I try hard not to fall into that trap. I want to model healthy living for my kids too, so that's a big motivator as well.

Anyways! I'm so glad to hear (and see!) you are feeling so well. Keep it up, sista 😉

The green stuff is evergreen trees and winter grass. LOL Believe me...everything else is dead.

It feels good to feel good. If that makes sense. Sadly, I don't think it's any one thing I did. It's probably a result of the awful meds and treatments I had to go through to put the disease in remission. It has taken this long for my body to recover.

Your photos are eloquent enough! How lovely. And it’s extra wonderful that you didn’t fall in. Cheers to health!

Yes. Quite a miracle that I didn't go swimming. Quite.

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