Success Mentality #10: Integrity Is Essential

in life •  17 days ago

What do people think of you when they see you? Who are you when no one is looking? How true are you and your words? How often do you say something and keep to it? Do you compromise when it comes to your words?


American architect, designer, philanthropist, Buckminster Fuller said in one of his interviews that "Integrity is the essence of everything Successful."

Buckminster Fuller as you may already know was indeed a remarkable Designer, architect, and inventor, he coined the name ''Star ship earth'' and was responsible for some other terms.

He understood what it meant to be a person of integrity, he understood how not to compromise, how to respectfully stick to his words no matter the odds, he understood the real meaning behind the word integrity.

Integrity, is simply who you are when no one is looking at you, it's more like how you act, behave, respond to things in private as opposed to how you respond outside or publicly.

In spite of the underlying truth that integrity is who you are when no one's looking, there are quite a couple of other meanings and explanations that give better understanding too.

Beyond doubt, integrity is quite an essential and important piece in the life of anyone who plans on being relevant in life.

It is not just who you are inside-out, it's more like what you turn to when there's no one starring.

Let's say, you are the kind of person that hardly talks or even gets involved in other peoples' discussion trouble anytime you're out, but once you get into the comfort of your room you become a wildling, attacking everybody without probable cause.

This would suggest you have two different characters and with no doubt, you aren’t true to yourself.
Integrity is the price for greatness, and without it, one can't truly be reffered to as a success.

You must learn to be trustworthy, let people see you for who you are, don’t give them a shade of your good side and a full load of the bad things you can do.

Whenever it comes to you, let there be a change in the story.


Whatever it is that you can't do in front of people that isn’t right, then don’t do at their backs, never put a pause to your good side, because once you are kind, true, and with integrity, you are already a success and most assuredly people will look for you.

Have there been things you've said? Are there promises you've made, that you haven’t kept?

Then, go back to those promises and fulfill them, even if it means displeasing your ego.

If you cannot do something for someone, then state it.

However if you cannot do something for someone and then you lie, saying you can, because of what you might get out of it, your integrity is faulty, and you need a fix!

Devote time and energy into doing good things and let people describe you as someone who never lets people down easily, stay as truthful as water, be noble without faults, and as much as it depends on you,

''Keep Your Promises, stay true to your words''

Thank you. See you around next time!☮️

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