Life is Give and Take

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I've come to realize that nothing is free in life. Some things may seem free, but they're not actually free because someone else may have paid for them either directly or indirectly or we did something that made such things come to us. Have you noticed that you can never take in oxygen if you don't first give out carbondioxide? Just try and withhold yourself from either breathing in or breathing out, you'll discover that you can't perform the other. This is the simple principle governing life.


If you're open enough to receive from life, you should also be generous enough to give back to it. Every time you either receive from life or give back to life without performing or accepting the reverse action, an imbalance gets created and the longer such imbalance exist, the more we start losing our alignment in life (i,e. Our comfort, satisfaction, peace of mind, connection, friends, etc.)

When you give to life, you must also be opened to receive from it else you're going to get drained and suffer from exhaustion. Likewise, when you receive in life, you must also be opened to give back to it, else you're going to suffer from excessive accumulation and lose your comfort and satisfaction. Life isn't designed to be one sided; that is why anything that has an entry point (intake valve or mouth), also has an exit point(exhaust valve or anus).

You can't live comfortably in life without performing this simple action of giving and taking because it's how life is designed. If you look at every sector of the world economy and human relationship, you'll discover that this simple principle governs everything. We start dying or losing our essence in life the very moment we stop performing this simple action of giving and receiving.

Life is designed to be simple and less selfish. So if you choose to be selfish with what life has given you, you're preventing yourself from getting more and also ostracizing yourself from life. One of the ways we build connection in life is through giving and taking and anyone that can't do this isn't ready to enjoy life.

Life has given us everything we need to interact with it; though in various proportions. And as long as life is concerned, there's nothing that is too small or too big to give or receive. So don't think you have nothing to give or consider yourself unworthy to receive what's coming your way. Anyone that considers you worthy of their life's treasure (time, care, attention, love, empathy, support, encouragement, finance, etc.), also has something they see in you and expect you to contribute to their lives.

Don't withhold yourself from giving to others what life as given you the ability to invest in such people because you're indirectly closing the door of life against yourself should you fail to do such. Life is all about giving and taking and we must do this if we want to enjoy life and create balance in our lives.

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