THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND! Which let us to be conscious!!

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Hello Wonderful Readers!

Hope you are doing great!!

Our unconscious mind is the base of our body and mind. It runs our body, communicates through emotion and symbols, stores and organizes memories and so on. Without it we will not be able to take care of every single activities of our body and mind. You may wonder what I am talking about!

Let me explain!

For me unconscious mind is the thing which let us process different activity automatically without active awareness. Like our feeling, memories ie.

Neurologists says that 95% of our brain activity is beyond our consciousness. You may notice it how it reminds us a thing all of a sudden by seeing something similar or without any clue actually.

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

I sometimes feel wonder why I am recalling something without any reason. Why my brain is recalling such memory though I was not thinking that actively. I try to investigate, to be honest. Sometimes I get a clue, most of the time I am in the dark.

I am a person who can remember dreams! Yeah, you heard it correct. It sometimes makes me uncomfortable as I can recall my dream. And if it is a bad dream, it feels like I am living in a nightmare all day long.

I can remember an event from my dream. I saw my 8 years old self. I was in school. One of my classmate was having a ice cream. I did not have money that time to buy an ice cream and I was feeling very ashamed in front of her. As she was trying to make me feel jealous.

I did not actively remember the event. I forgot about it. But my unconscious mind keep this and give me a recall. I am still not sure why I dream this. What message my mind wants to give me?

There are many such dream of mine but I can recall this one's every single detail after the dream!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Our unconscious part of mind is a treasure of hidden memories, I think. It's way more than a computer hard ware. Most of us don't even have the awareness to encounter it. I think our unconscious mind is a big influencer to shape our behavior, actions, thoughts etc. We may not realize that but it is doing it's duty.

I think we all are living in the middle of consciousness and unconsciousness. I can name it as 'Conscious of Unconsciousness'. Unconscious mind has it's own way to work. We may not guess what memory it will throw in front of us. So let's not feel worried about it.

That's why I believe we should learn to control our unconscious mind. It may not possible 100% as we have such a huge active brain! But surly a little bit is possible. Meditation can be a great tool on this. Focusing on our inner self and trying to find out our inner 'we' can help us find what we truly are, what we truly want and how we can have a little control over our unconscious mind.

If you ask me what is my position on this. I may answer, I don't know. I am dealing with my dream things, trying to figure out, trying to cope up and have a little control over it. But I am like in front of a huge field full of different things I don't even know!

I am writing this as a response to @ecotrain QOTW. You can find more detail Here


Much Love

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When I wake up and remember the dream, I have to think of it or write it down immediately, because suddenly, it is forgotten immediately.

Most of the time it happens and it's natural. Don't worry. :)

Most of our dreams are either coming from memories, or they are giving indications about what is going on in our lives right now. In your dream, I'm not sure if it's a real memory, or just something to work with now. Are you in a situation like it now? Financial issues? Or something else you're dealing with. Since it's a dream about children and you as a child feeling embarrassed that you couldn't afford an ice cream, but your friend trying to make you feel bad, it also shows that now, as an adult, it may seem silly to feel embarrassed about something like that. But it could also be an indication that you're concerned about trivial things, or about the way people think of you and that maybe you should work on letting go of that. Just a thought, hehe, I'm not a dream expert, but seem to be able to unravel a lot of them.

Very interesting post @rem-steem!

I don't usually let go anything that makes me feel uncomfortable. Rather I try to deal with that and find out why that is happening. I guess this is what happens to this specific dream.
Thanks for your advice and appreciation.

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Oh, I didn't mean that you'd have to let go of anything. I was just giving an example of what your subconscious or unconscious could be telling us in our dreams. Sometimes we have to let go of small things in order to move on to better, bigger things. But I wasn't really referring to you, but more in general.
Dream on :)

Cool on the dream remembering. I sometimes try to write it down, but often it disappears as I'm writing - so frustrating! Thanks for this article.

He he he..That's better actually. Coz you may not every dream and remembering dream is not a pleasant thing. Don't think of it too much it's very natural to not remember dreams.
Have a nice day.

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Part of conscious mind often come in dreams or sub-conscious thinking, time when we relax. Sometimes I think it is our filing system being placed into order, little bits appear leaving us pondering what it was about in our waking moments.

Really true. Mind is a strange place!


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for me it is more about working with our unconscious mind and not trying to control it, when we focus too much on something we prevent things from happening naturally, or lose the ability to just let things be. it is good to just accept rather than try and control. xxx

I understand what you are talking about. I love the word 'working with' rather 'control'.
But sometimes we have to do that for our own good. When I was writing this I planned to write a series on this actually and some of my experiences. Dreams can be a fearful thing. If you have experienced it you may guess what I am talking about.
I usually dream the same thing over and over again, even same dream for many years. It seems like my unconscious mind is trying to give me some messages but I fail to get it. Also it shows me some part of my life/childhood which I want to forget like 'drowning on the water'. And I don't want to deal with it anymore. There is may other things similar to this. I see psychologists several times because of my 'dream thing'.
That's why I choose to control it, to make it stop showing those dreams and it really works.
I hope you understand my position.
Have a great day. :)

I'm in agreement with you there @rem-steem, that meditation helps you get to know your inner self and tap into your unconscious better.
It's interesting too, to try and figure out what message your unconscious mind is telling you through your dreams or what it is within you that is responding to your dreams the way you do. You can get to know yourself better by analyzing that too!
Thanks for sharing!

So true. Dream is a strange thing which actually represents our unconscious self. Thanks for your opinion.

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i don't usually have dreams and when i do usually i hardly remember them but there is one or two occasions where sometimes it feel so real that i have doubt if its just a dream or really happen

It happens dear. Don't worry. :)
Have a great day.

nice answer!! Mmm, that dreams question.. i know what you are talking about.. it sounds like you go very deep in dreamtime.. maybe you do a lot of learning there.. and that pondering over it all during the waking hours i think is a part of the integration.. it brings up a feeling im sure when you think about it, and that feeling is your guide and key to the lessons you are learning.. just go into the feeling and let go of the story ...

that is my opinion!

glad u brought up meditation also, very important part of a healthy conscious, connected, present mind.. <3 Thanks for this post!

Yeah, my dreams are very deep. But not my sleep. LoL
I'm still trying to figure out it. Meditation really helps me.
Thanks for your opinion.
Have a great day.

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Great subject, the Vedas say that the mind is more difficult to control than the wind. It can be our best friend or worst enemy. With intelligence, or the conscious mind, which is informed and armed with the sword of knowledge, we can master the unconscious, and then receive guidance from him/her. Harness the vast reservoir of the unconscious and you will be tapping into the storehouse of treasure. Dream recall is one very good way to hear the advice of the unconscious.

Good advice to find out unconscious mind. Thanks 😊

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My pleasure bhai.

LoL... you can call me 'Behen' or sister instead. 👩👩👩

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My apologies lol. Of course behen.


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I know nothing either

:) :)

As one who also remembers dreams most days, I hear you when you say it can be disturbing. Our unconscious is unconscious for a reason - otherwise we'd go nuts. I have learned to tell my unconscious what I want before sleep and sometimes I'm successful: resolve a problem etc. So much power and yet a lot of fumbling in the dark.

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Yeah, it actually works sometimes. But not always. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Oh dreams... Do we know what they are? I think what we call dreams may be memories of the past as they were, mixed with how they could have been (if certain things had been different), mixed with hopes, fears, possibilities, and even impossibilities, all together. All this makes our already complex world even more complex, so no wonder the unconscious blocks out most of it.

Yeah, I have come through some research paper you can say to know more about dream. As I have some sort of disturbing experience.
You explained it very correct. The more I can understand, the more I'm getting out from some of my fear. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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