What to do when you have nothing to do?

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Hello steemit friends,

We all have periods when work (or sales) becomes dead. Rather than spending your time on, euhm, Pinterest , you can use this time to accomplish those things that are in your drawer "to do when I have time".


  1. Make your taxes / tax returns early. Early as in not a week before the deadline when you have something else to do, interesting things to do.

  2. Consider a makeover, not about yourself, about your business. Maybe it would be a good time to beautify your image, change your website header, your business cards and whatnot. Time out = perfect time for that!

  3. It's a good time to start planning, not only your week, but your entire year! You can search for events (trade shows, sales, colloquium) that you want to attend (and maybe start now to save money for that Big Show you've always wanted to attend in another city), or you can schedule a solo show. Your dreams can be planned and become real goals .

  4. Have you ever wondered how you could be published in a magazine? One of the secrets is to know their production schedule, and usually produce their content 3 months before publication, so if you want to be published for the holiday season, now is the time to send your look-book and samples!

  5. Do you have sheep of dust? Remember to do a great cleaning of your studio.

  6. A slowdown can mean a lot of creative time! Why not put on paper all the crazy ideas you keep in your head?

  7. Ever wanted to learn HTML? Consider taking a class or attending a workshop to learn a new skill.

  8. Give your time: become a mentor, give a free class at a community center, help a junior, give art therapy sessions in a hospital ... your time is a precious gift for humanity!

  9. Go shopping! A new chair or printer is an investment in your business.

  10. Do not want to do much? Well maybe this is the best time to take a vacation !

It's your turn to speak! What do you do when you have time out?
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