This post needs 20$ ( because I was stupid :D )

in life •  3 months ago

Let me start by saying that this is not how my Sunday should have started.

Being lazy as I was heading toward some coffee place I decided to take a bus instead of walking the 1km or so. I mean, I usually walk but I had a big bag so I though that maybe not today. Upon jumping in, I "forgot" to validate my ticket. Now I say that I "forgot" because I kind of wanted to but decided against. Sunday at noon, who will anyway check your ticket?

Thing is, here you can see the controllers as they are dressed in blue so it's easy to validate when you see them in the station. It's what I usually do when I don't validate cause it's foolproof way to not get a fine. I usually validate though cause I hate people who don't. This time I got distracted and found myself next to one of these ppl....A fine was upon me!

What I hate more than people who don't buy tickets, are people who don't pay the fine, get aggressive, yell, cry, beg, run!. I am one inclined to accept my faith and pay up. Many are not like that and maybe they get away with it a lot anyway. In the national spirit, getting a fine is being a little dumb. You should have said"no".
"But I didn't have a ticket..."
"Ehh, so what?! it happens once! everyone can make mistakes"
"Yeah, and the fine is 20$ not like one million exactly because.." [ cough cough, title of this post which goes towards...:D ]
" No way! Just bribe them with 5$ or whatever.."
This simply driving me crazy. I said many times that we need more "controllers" and bigger fines if we want the public transporation to work. We need people who don't take a bribe. We need for people to feel the burn of fees..and start buying tickets! Especially when tickets are already pretty cheap around here ( 0.2$ ). What was I if I didn't pay?

A hypocrite. A corrupted slime. A wishy-washy moron.

Nah, no thanks, I won't make an exception for myself and blame the society for its shortcomings. It's like saying FUCK YOU! to myself. I just paid.

It wasn't fun and i'm gonna pass on coffee next week to make up for it. But I felt good about myself a little and I actually respected the guy who fined me as he was pretty honest and ferm but not impolite. Hope to see him again...with a ticket!

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So, you tried to steal a free bus ride and got caught?


Well, I don't want to pay your fine either. :)


haha! brilliant :D "steal" a free bus ride is a bit rough but it's a correct way to look at it.

Try him with a steem ticket to the moon next time.


too bad no coffee on the moon :D

Lol! Tickets are fucking cheap there. When you get fine in here it is 80€ and now they are making it even higher so it is going to be 100€... kinda makes you wanna buy the ticket..


hehe. yeah but if you look at the ratio of fee/ticket it's kind of the same...about 40 rides.

According to your post, why would we help you to make 20$? Isn´t it the price you should pay all alone because you were the one that forgot the ticket? What example would it bring to the "society" to pay your mistakes?

If you are not going to permit exceptions, even for yourself, you have to carry with all the consequences.

Whatever, you did the best thing you could there too, it has to be said.

PD: This is not intended to tease, just my opinion.


I totally agree. Obviously, it was a joke, I don't use crypto in real life :)
But I do agree that whenever we make exceptions for ourselves we go down a verrry slippery slope!

LOL riding busses is so dramatic no matter where you are, I have terrible luck whenever I have had to ride one and I hear so many horror stories. I thank God every time I see one that I have cars.

Not sure if I should pity you or judge you ... a bit :)


i know. i suck!


I wouldn't put it that way :)

Some countries have free public transport. I guess Estonia.

And in france there's a guy who doesn't use money and still rides the metro or the bus. He says you can't fine him because he doesn't use money at all.

Cool, right? :)

hope you are well raz