Do You Deserve Better?

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The world tricks some of us into believing that we don’t deserve any better. It’s how we are kept in our place.

Realistically, we are all content to just survive and be distracted by whatever brand of mass hysteria is the current rage. Right now, it’s Politics. Nothing says stagnation more than people furiously debating Politics over the internet whilst not having any time to succeed in life.

Who knows, you could be doing something important with your life right now? No? It’s why I left Facebook. I was being drawn into debates that I didn’t want to be part of; manipulated into thinking that if I wasn’t part of them then I wasn’t battling for what was right and unjust. Truth is its just hot air. Another bullshit trap to keep us occupied from actually waking up and doing some actual work on ourselves.

I believe you deserve everything you work for.

That sounds like a very conservative thing to say but hear me out. I was sold the magic fairy-tale as a kid. I believed it too. Good things happen to good people, son. And great things come to those that wait. Truth be told, I was always looking for my fairy godmother to come down and with a wave of her magic wand, I’d be transported into a life that I’ve always wanted. Money, family, stability.

I wanted to have it all, but I didn’t believe that I deserved it.

I was a funny lad; religion, for me, was one of my largest setbacks. I was always told that we were sinners and that Jesus died for our sins, and we should be grateful because we’re a bunch of wasters. That sort of toxic mentality followed me into my adulthood, along with my broken childhood and a ton of social mistakes, and when anything good happened to me I rarely believed that I deserved it.

You don’t deserve this, Raymond, you’re an arsehole, you’re only going to mess it up anyway. That was a combination of my Dad, Jesus, and my friends that wanted to keep me perfectly unhappy at my station. For them, it didn’t look good if I rose above it. I slunk into the mentality after that of just, “what’s the point”

I spent most of my life desperately trying to cling onto the things that I loved because I felt that they would escape me eventually, that my tight grip around the necks of those that enjoyed my company came too much and we eventually parted ways.

Truth be told, if I just enjoyed the friendship experience for what it was then perhaps some of us would still be friends now. I was of the mind that you needed to hold onto whatever you had because it could be gone someday. That was impregnated into my psychology from an early age when we moved around so much.

The house I have lived in now has been the longest I have lived anywhere at any given time. I am finally settled. I still deserve more though. Who are you to tell me otherwise? I want more for me, my family, my wife, and son, I wish we had my own house finally. Perhaps one day we’ll buy one. I’m working hard to make that a reality.

The world distracts us.

We have cat videos on YouTube, TV Shows, Movies, Celebrities, Political debates, everything feeding into the reality that it’s so much easier to stagnate. Some people believe it’s this New World Order thing, but I’m more so inclined to believe that it’s human nature.

People see something that others enjoy doing and capitalize on it, soon, everyone has one. Just as the person wants a new iPhone because all his friends have one. It’s a system that’s been created by the two sides of humanity; greed, and indifference that’s creating a trap for those of us that can do better but don’t want to.

For me, indifference to bettering yourself is the biggest slight on humanity there has ever been. I have friends on Facebook that couldn’t give a flying hoot what my next adventure is and how I’m doing it. All they care about is their next hit of their favourite TV show and a pint of beer to sit with it. I’ve been like that. It’s a sad way to exist. It means life doesn’t excite you, it means that the pleasures of human interaction, the wonders of nature, or the gift of exploration mean nothing.

It means you just exist.

You just survive.

People tell me that they do not have enough money to better themselves, but again, this is an illusion created by a system that is geared to keep people in their places. You do not need money, and you do not need favours. All you need is a bunch of knowledgeable and empowering friends that are keen to show you the wonders of life.

That can reach into your soul and reprogram that empty, dull life and change it to one of wonder and awe. They exist, and they walk amongst us. I was changed by such a person and people. If you look hard enough and open your eyes to the help available out there you can see free YouTube videos, charities, volunteer placements, the internet is mostly free. It’s all around you, open your eyes.

I am shunned by drinkers, by drug takers, by narcissists; I am their poisoned pill. I am the truth to their skewed reality. I am Morpheus and they are plumbed into the matrix, too dependent on the system to break free from the chains that bind them.

We all deserve more.

We deserve to live without persecution and war; a world where there is an abundance of love and tolerance, and greed does not exist. Those that have plenty share with those that have few; where knowledge is shared openly and we work to co-exist as one. That’s my failing though, I am an idealist.

I was re-forged in a foundation of love, collaboration, and community. I was taught there was something more than the rat race, I was taught collaborative progression. People working together to achieve better results for themselves, but that will never exist when we are told from a young age that there are people out there that are better than you and me.

No one is better, and we all can achieve more. The trick is believing it, and hopefully, I’m going to show you, that you all deserve more.


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As far as financial success is concerned, you deserve better if you work hard and in a fair way. When it comes to social status, friendships, emotional attachment, you deserve better if you put efforts in your relationships, or in being social. If someone takes you for granted, then you should stay away from such people because you do not deserve to be taken for granted or to be exploited or used.


Really, you are quite on point.
People spend so much time debating politics and other irrelevant things on Facebook when they could have chanelled that time into doing something more productive for their selves. Recently the president of my country said Nigerian youth are lazy and a lot of people are busy breaking their head over it on Facebook.

We really deserve better and this can be achieved if can look beyound distractions and focus on the big picture!


Yup! It's to keep us arguing amongst ourselves and then you have zero unison amongst the people

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