What Influences And Sells You As A Brand

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What Influences And Sells You - What makes your product unique, i.e. your unique product line? What makes it different from competitors? What makes it sellable? How does it differentiate itself from similar products available in the market?

All of these questions are important in your quest to figure out what makes your product unique and marketable. If you're a creative person, then the answer is probably obvious - creativity! People who can't come up with original ideas or can't think of a good story, are the ones who fail in the marketing game. On the other hand, if you're more of an introspective type, then you'll understand that it's your story that sells you and nothing else. This is why the art of storytelling is crucial for branding; your story is your unique selling proposition (USP).

What Influences And Sells You - It's also important to realize that people buy products based on their needs. If your product line focuses on a particular need like the latest laptop, then you need to come up with a story that describes how you can meet that need and create a positive emotional reaction in the customer. For example, if your product lines focus on men who want to impress their peers with impressive laptop designs, then your USP should be that you help a man achieve his dream. A simple story that describes your target audience will do the trick.

What Influences And Sells You - Next, you need to understand that what influences and sells you as a brand are also part of your story. For example, if you're selling shoes, then your unique selling proposition (USP) should emphasize the benefits of wearing good shoes. More importantly, the story you tell about how good they are must be compelling enough to convince the customer. The whole point is to convince the customer that what you have to offer is worth trying. Just like with a product line, you'll have to develop a unique USP to stand out from your competition.

What Influences And Sells You - Finally, let's cover the third element of marketing which is what influences and sells you as a brand. This refers to the psychology of buying behavior. There are two schools of thought on this. One school of thought points to the fact that customers are only persuaded to purchase a product when they see how it makes them feel. The other school of thought says that customers buy a product because of the benefits that they derive from it.

Which is right? That depends on a few things. If you're selling to teenagers then you may not want to spend too much time teaching them about the benefits of a good shoe. Likewise, if you're talking to middle aged office workers then the benefits of a nice smelling cologne might be more important to them than convincing them to buy your products. However, by understanding what influences and sells you as a brand, you can begin to craft product lines that appeal to more than just one group of people.


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