Eyebombing Is The New Craze

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"Eyebombing' is the latest craze that is taking the world, as well as social media by storm and giving mundane everyday objects a new life. What it (eyebombing) is exactly, is the 'art' of sticking googly eye stickers on basically anything you can imagine, in order to make a face out of it; especially a smiley face!

Please note that I in no way, means or form try and claim any credit for the photobomb images used in this article. I acknowledge the fact that the artworks as well as the photographs of the said artworks are the sole property of Mr. Vanyu Krastev, a renowned street artist from Bulgaria.

Broken concrete ball face

The drooling rain gutter downspout

Mr. Expressive 

Mr. Rusty

An elated trashcan

Froggy splat

Somber looking paver bricks

A powerful message

holey pole! 

A wise old tree

She said what?! 

A rather worried container

Wise Mr. Blue Potts

 Source of images and copyright: Eyebombing Bulgaria

Hello @raja
This story made it to the ღ #steempearls of @tabea . Check it out at https://steemit.com/steempearls/@tabea/steempearls-19

Some of these are really cool, especially the ball and rain gutter.

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Steemit has an emerging eyebombing movement, check out the #googlyeyes tag and enjoy, or even join!

hey @marty-art, did this post have the tag #googlyeyes before you commented?!

if not... it was probably your comment that sent our whale-friend into googly waters ;)


Hey, I don't see the tag in the original post, and I commented with the tag when it was quite early, probably within half an hour, so, there you go! :D

good idea this, resteem :)

What a great way brighten up the world and make people smile :)

I'm a fan. Such a harmless and goofy way to add a little color to the world. Wayyyy better than lazy graffiti or shock value artwork.

Geeze I'm gonna have to go buy a bag of eyes now LOL
Following for more, looks like harmless fun to me :-)

when you get yours... make sure to post some pics and enter the #GooglyPrize!

Oh I will, Just what I needed....Another Vice LOL

Love this, reminds me of real life doodles, but ya know in real life

Love the trash can one 😍

Good collections. Upvoted.

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