Exciting times

in life •  4 months ago

There is so much happening and so much opportunity. It blows my mind. I am writing this on my iPhone. I am convinced that my phone aka suoer computer is all I need. I am seriously considering selling everything else. One could so much with this thing called ”phone”. It is like walking with nuclearbomb in your pocket. Individual is now more powerful than ever. And I can’t wrap my head around it. Can’t grasp the full potential of this time. I can produce a movie. Write a book. Record a record. Draw art. And publish it for everyone instantly. And I can do all of this on my phone. I can broad cast my own radio show. I can stream live video. I can pay my bills. Order allmost anything. I could start a revolution. I could start my own news channel or online magazine. All on my phone. I can connect with new people from all around the world. I can document my whole life and publish it and leave it for someone to discover. I can do so much that it allmost paralizes me. That is the otherside of the coin. It is challenging to decide what to do and focus. There is so much distraction. How to filtter through it all? We are living very exciting times. Just in 10 years world have changed more than it has in past 100 years. This technological revolution is insane. Now I can watch, read and listen anything and anywhere allmost for no cost. I can learn anything anywhere. Collective consciousness merging. The internet is changing the world and we are now waking up. We are living the best era of mankind so far. This is just a quick rant. I am sitting in the car and decide to put some thoughts on ”paper”. I am just so excited about this.


I wrote this whole post on my iPhone and hereis a great song by mgmt for you to enjoy

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