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Hey Guys and gals it's r8gamez here and I would just like to say thanks to everyone who is following me, everyone who has upvoted me and most of all everyone who has supported me since my joining in July.


So just quickly I wanted to let you know that I'm a PlayStation user if you follow me for quite some time you would have know this by now but for all you new followers add my PlayStation username rageblaze007 , if you had me we can play most games and it will just be great to play with some more followers, that's all for me peace out .


Hello! I see you have been on steemit for some time now so I am sending you some love. Have an upvote and keep on steeming!
As you only recently joined the steemit community it can be hard to recieve lots of steem power so my advice would be to give @MinnowPowerUp a go as you can earn up to 30% more steem power than just powering up! It's a subscription based daily upvote bot that draws its power from a delegation pool. I made this post to explain the system in more depth and show how I earn over $1 a day in upvotes.

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