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Ana gofundme.jpeg
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I am again posting information on money raised for Ana Hurtado Aponte, who is an 8 month old child from Venezuela. Ana has a brain tumor called craniopharyngioma and is in need of surgery. In the event Ana does not receive brain surgery soon she could lose her ability to see and be mobile. This could be permanent. As with any surgery this is expensive, and with it being surgery on the brain it is more than likely much more expensive.

A week ago I posted, which shared documentation of the donations I sent in. Ana's gofundme project has raised $15,916 out of a goal of $30,000.

The post at paid a value of $11.96. This includes what is paid to curators and author. It is the easiest number for me to use to make my donation. In addition to the post's earnings I received in my wallet addition donations of 38.697 steem from @toufiqurrahman32 (Thank you very much). Then @blind-spot did a post on behalf of Ana and sent 5.699 SBD that he raised. The toal value of the everything comes to $52.59. I rounded this up to $53.00.
I forgot to mention that I matched what was donated or raised by @toufiqurrahman32 and @blind-spot which brought us to $52.59. I will continue to match any donations that are deposited into my wallet.

Here is the receipt for the donation I made with these funds today:

3rd monies for Ana.jpg

I want to personally say a big THANK YOU!" to all who upvoted the post and made contributions for Ana's gofundme project. And a special THANK YOU!" to @toufiqurrahman32 and @blind-spot for their contributions.



Nuevamente estoy publicando información sobre el dinero recaudado para Ana Hurtado Aponte, que es una niña de 8 meses de edad de Venezuela. Ana tiene un tumor cerebral llamado craneofaringioma y necesita cirugía. En el caso de que Ana no reciba cirugía cerebral pronto, podría perder su capacidad de ver y ser móvil. Esto podría ser permanente. Como con cualquier cirugía esto es caro, y con la cirugía en el cerebro es más que probable que sea mucho más caro.

Hace una semana publiqué, que compartía la documentación de las donaciones que yo envié. El proyecto gofundme de Ana ha recaudado $15,916 de una meta de $30,000.

El correo por un valor de $11.96. Esto incluye lo que se paga a los curadores y al autor. Es el número más fácil de usar para hacer mi donación. Además de las ganancias del correo que recibí en mi billetera, recibí donaciones adicionales de 38.697 steem de @toufiqurrahman32 (Muchas gracias). Entonces @blind-spot hizo un post en nombre de Ana y envió 5.699 SBD que recaudó. El valor total de todo es de $52.59. Redondeé esto a $53.00.

Aquí está el recibo de la donación que hice con estos fondos hoy:

3er dinero para Ana.jpg

Quiero personalmente decir un gran GRACIAS " a todos los que votaron e hicieron contribuciones para el proyecto gofundme de Ana. Y un especial GRACIAS! a @toufiqurrahman32 y @blind-spot por sus contribuciones.

**Intenté encontrar errores en la traducción y arreglé un par. En el caso de que algunas palabras o frases no sean claras, hágamelo saber. Reconozco algunas palabras en español pero tengo que confiar en el software de traducción.


Traducción realizada con el traductor

Here is a flower I selected to share as my way to say thank you.

This is a peony bud just opening in my flower garden. (Este es un capullo de peonía que se está abriendo en mi jardín de flores.)

end of post graphic.png

I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for all of these photographs, except where noted. When I use a photo of my game camera I try to make note of it. It is usual of wildlife.


end of post graphic.png



A good one again...keep up the good work sir. Thanks

Thank you to all the supports in this effort.

Ana is cute and lovely daughter. Your priceless effort giving big fortunate life to her. Extremely it's priceless task. Many peoples help to her for solve brain surgery.

Best of luck sir to do it. 👍

Very cool post... I always love you post and photography..

i hope she will be fine soon

I just have full vote and resteem for the litlle angle Ana. Hope ana get health soon. Blessing for her and for your attention sir @r2cornell.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it

hopefully all improvements will have good results

You are doing good job for this baby . Namaste

This will send a big positive impact on everyone life : )

Hopefully all the financial requirement is quickly meet. How about them contacting the government also for help?

The government in Venezuela is a major problem. There are people who are going hungry and have malnutrition. I have seen photographs of some hospitals and it is not a pretty site. They are not taking care of the people as it is.

That is really bad. The government should be able to do something

They should, and could, but all signs are they do not seem to care about the people. The people are on their own basically.

Thank you very much. I just checked it out and now I realise the country is really suffering a lot. How I wish something can be done in that country to change their state of living presently.
Sad to read the figures of children suffering, people dying.

May God help this wonderful girl, you are a very kind person, be healthy. Good luck

Hopping she will be better. God bless her.

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you doing a grate job sir @r2cornell for that innocent child.
nothing will happen to her god be with her hope for good..

Beautiful angel 😍

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keep vote to this post guys, let's donate ;)

Hello sir @r2cornell, I can only help by praying, giving voice and resteem. I really want her to recover and her life is full of happiness.

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The sudden dip in price reduced the payout. But I am glad I could help again

Thank you very much. Yes price dip did impact payout, yet total contributions in USD from steemit activity is around $162. Prices are on the upswing again across the board. Steem is moving up again.

Hope as many of you as possible have a little Light Coin (LTC) set aside. It has moved into the number 4 spot at CoinMarketCap. I think back to the number of LTC I sold at $2. Glad I held onto some, and I am cloud mining some.

Hopefully to market lift will pull Steem with it. 2 years ago when things moved steem lagged a little before it began its move up.

Back to subject of Ana...I am pleased many have participated.

LTC has been doing great recently. Unfortunately \I havent stacked up on ltc but I have a few coming in from moonlitecoin. I do hope it also beings along a pump in steem.

If it all moves like it did 2 years ago I am going to be more ready and cash in more of my bigger crypto. Good thing I did the same thing back at the peak because circumstances led me to semi-retirement and allowed me to afford some needed remodeling and now replacing part of our heating system. Without it I would still be working 3 jobs and hoping to be able to get these projects finished.

I am working Moonlightcoin through my own account and my wife's account. and I convert everything to light coin before withdrawing. The only faucet I do not use is Doge coin (I could not get it to work. It is not a lot but what it generates gains in value. I also started cloud mining and have most come to me in LTC, but some in DASH. I should not be far from getting my initial investment back and then keep it coming in daily until contracts are up.

@toufiqurrahman32 and @blind-spot, You've done really appreciable thing and definitely you will be backed by the blessings. Stay blessed.

@r2cornell, Keep going brother and your consistent efforts are making this fulfilled. Stay blessed.

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Good work sir and god always support good works..
All the best... Beautiful rose.

I am also planning to make a vlog to raise the funds and hopefully within next two days I will able to do this.

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Thank you very much. let me know when you do the Vlog. And thank you for that

Okay sir

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Awwww so cute baby GOD BLESS HER...

That's huge supporting work sir @r2cornell.
Also you're great example for other steemians. It how through Ana's gofundme project. Both of mentioned steemians did great job @toufiqurrahman32 and @blind-spot. Thanks all.

Thank you very much. besides those that contributed by donations or raising funds, many up-voted the posts.

Very cool post good work my dear @r2cornell

Thank you sir to help the innocent baby. Hope the fund will be managed soon. Keep up your great work. God bless her.

Well done Steemians! Thank you everyone for being behind this project. Blessings to you all!

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Thank you very much. Thus far I have sent 3 donations from steemit at USD value of $162...I know some who mad donations really could not afford much and yet they still donated. many upvoted my posts so all together they are doing a very good thing.

Hope she will be fine soon and you're doing great work sir.

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Great work for humanity. Namaste

Great.This is a 3rd time of money raised. That's perfect decision for save child's life for brain surgery. Lot of steemians very helpful.

Hopefully, the money can continue to be collected for the sake of healing this child

Thank you very much. This the 3rd donation that was made based on what was raised on steemit. I initially made my own donation.

The great work sir.
Thanks @r2cornell
Have a nice day

i always like this type of humanity working. may allah bless him. anyway thanks to share.

Thank you very much. It brings out the goodness in us all and allows us all to work together for a common cause.

Just for you.

humanity ❤. thanks for update. may allah bless him.

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Best of luck sir to do it. 👍

Cute baby. May allah bless him.

good information, hope this child will be healthy again

sorry for this kid, get well soon

It's a pity if children are stricken with diseases like this, hopefully the solution will be facilitated

Hopefully our hope is that the child can recover from a brain tumor

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