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RE: Dear Friends, Fans, and Followers: Where Will You Be?

in #life2 years ago

Steem has been about kissing the right ass and rigging the game in your favor. If that doesn't change then neither will the trending. Maybe i'm wrong though.


I did pretty well without kissing ass or using exploits. I expect the same opportunities anywhere I go.

Yes I agree, you also put out some of the most interesting content here in my opinion.
I went the game route when I couldn't find a group to join.🤷‍♂ Can't say whether my content was ever good or not though. lol

That's the true beauty of this community. I can do what I'm good at. People can play some games. They can stop, come visit me or another producer. I'll sit and shoot the shit with you folks. You can go back to your games or other stuff. I can go back to behind the scenes preparing the next whatever I feel like doing.

People don't need to be good at one thing in particular. All they have to do is do what they enjoy. The fun factor.

It hasn't been much fun around here lately. If I visit Hive on Friday and see a political post trending talking about steems and justins and hostiles and sockpuppets and forks .... I will lose my shit.

It is fun to do what you want.😁 Haha I don't foresee anything else trending. Maybe a victory post?
Man, I truly thought that moms all around the world would be giving little Timmy lunch money through steem everyday.

And I have this crazy vision this business model now known as HIVE can revolutionize the entire arts, entertainment, and information industry... but of course I doubt anyone wants to hear that.

It's boring and I'm not formatting it properly, according to the experts.

I believe in your vision. Imagine if every news source was forced through the looking glass of steem.😎

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