Love or self esteem

in #life4 years ago (edited)

If there is fear of insecurity or being alone, then once you face that fear, only the fear of facing the world can be eliminated only after facing it!

If deep love is preventing separation even after such insult, then self respect should be lifted above love! True love can not be perfect without respect! Respect of yourself and your partner too!

If there is sorrow of humiliation and harassment in living together and the separation of separation in separation, then I would love to choose the other sorrow! Even if love is too deep and true, I will keep self-esteem always above it! Nobody can stay in my life by humiliating me ... no one can agree!

Do not know the story of how many women in the story of that girl ... Wished women can create the courage to loosen their humiliating lovers and husbands from their lives


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