Man vs Woman: The Colors

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Is that true: women see more colors then men?

Maybe, but men are simple.

See on example:
So complicated for what?
For us (I mean men) banana and lemon are not colors. These are the fruit!
Lavender is flower but I don't know what is cantaloupe or maraschino.

So it's simple and stay simple!

That was only round 1.
Stayed tuned for more!


Reminds me the pic about human us artist human, ha-ha:)

LOL, women are like 64 bit gaming consoles while men are 8 bit ;)

That's also a way to go:)

haha that's also true :)

Oh lol. Cantaloupe = melon, maraschino=cherry :) I just remembered the ad where a guy brought a live salmon to a store to find a salmon paint :D

But you guys see all the colours just fine, it's just your vocabulary that cannot catch up :P

Haha :)

Yes, we see all the colours but the names are sometimes strange, hard to remember.

Simply portrayed! Nice, keep it up @przemko you also look at my post. One love

Thank you so much. Upvoted :)

that is very true, i think even beyond than the colors, women tend to see more deep things than most men.

That is correct. I can see several trillion different colors :)

Me too, I'm graphic designer :D

i like all funny post

Me too. Be ready for the next round :)