Your role in preventing child abuse

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 It has been discussed in earlier articles about the types and symptoms of child abuse. In this post, there is a detailed discussion on what your role or role is to prevent child abuse.

 Your first and foremost task to prevent child abuse is to know firsthand how to protect your child from torture. At the same time, other members of your family should be informed in detail about child abuse and also to convince them of the prevention methods. If you have any signs of being abused in the child, then you should take measures to prevent it from delaying. The faster you can take preventive measures, the better it will be for your child. 

Physical abuse prevention

 Children will make mistakes and learn from mistakes. As a concerned parent or guardian, you must convert child's wrong behavior or work to the right behavior. Now the question is, how do children understand the difference between wrong and correct? Raise your hands on them, or do you teach the child good and bad by scaring? Remember, your child is physically abused by you in the process of doing good evil by killing or threatening this. Let's know what your role should be to prevent physical torture on the child. 

Reduce your habit of being angry

In most cases children are victims of physical abuse due to bad behavior of parents or guardians. To manage the baby nurturing properly and nicely, you have to change this madness.

Keep your family and personal problems away from the baby

 Do not confuse your personal life problems with your child's daily and ten problems. Keep children away from any issues that are not possible with family problems, which are not understood by your little grandmother. 

Become a better audience for the baby 

If children are unable to meet these needs, or if your child is more prone to behave in the same manner, then you should admonish and admonish, if you do not try to persecute or kill them. Listen carefully to your baby anytime.


Stay away from the baby in the state of intoxication

 If parents or guardians are alcoholic, then the level of physical abuse of the child is the highest. In this case you leave your bad habit; And as long as you can not leave it, try to stay away from the baby in the state of alcoholism.


Give the child the opportunity to leave the house

 One of the primary tools for proper physical and mental development of each child is to contact the outside world. Give the child enough time to leave him without stuck in the house, and have the opportunity to associate with other kids. It is possible to prevent a lot of physical torture of the child in this way.

 Resistance to Sexual Abuse

 There is nothing more resistant than the parents or guardian's awareness of preventing child sexual abuse. Take a look at some ways to prevent child sexual abuse. 

Explain to the children that some organs are very personal in body  

Explain to your child, some parts of the body are personal, not everyone can see or touch them. Teach the child to know all the organs of their body from small to small. For example, in front of parents, the child may be without clothing, but outside the person must wear clothes. Only parents can change clothes or open the clothes while bathing and bathing, it is normal. 

Tell your child about body borders

 Teaching the child, in some parts of her body no one else can touch, and no one else can tell your child to touch any part of their body. Although many people teach the child first, they do not feel the need to talk about the second. As a result, sexual violence against children is not possible in many cases. Because the child is a means of sexual abuse, adopt the way to touch the private parts of the body with criminal kids. 

Tell the child is not right about body confidentiality 

In most cases, the perpetrators refer to children that what they are doing with a child is actually a secret game, and no one can be told to play this secret. As a result, your child may have been subjected to sexual abuse for a long time. Explain to the child, these are not games at all, and those who say to keep such games secret, they are bad people So whatever happens or whatever you say, explain such things to your child so that he or she does not keep it secret.


How to teach the child to come out of the uncomfortable environment

 Your child must teach, which is uncomfortable, and what is normal. When you adore your child, explain to him and it is normal. But if someone or someone else does not care about it or touches the body, it is not a normal environment or condition. Explain the technique to get out of this environment from the environment. 

Develop a friendly relationship with the child 

One of the ways to prevent child sexual abuse is to develop a friendly relationship with the child so that your child can tell you anything. If your child is victim of sexual violence and tells you about it, then stand beside him without scaring or fearing him, protest. Otherwise, you will not have the courage to tell you if your child regularly goes through them. 

Resistance to mental torture


It is a very devastating thing for the victims of mental torture. It is impossible for a child to find an elderly person as easily as possible, if he is subjected to emotional abuse As a result of this, many children lose all their strength to live their normal life. Let's know what your behavior should be as a preventive prevention of emotional abuse on the child. 

Give the child his due attention and love 

When your child comes out to show you any of his toys, a picture of his own, or anything else, to show you or to have a good experience, do not let him go through excuses or anything else, but instead call him twice. Praise him for his work, if he can give him a few prizes. 

Prevent the child from talking / scolding


Parents often say a lot of things to children, which they probably do not mind, such as "why are you not like your other siblings" or "if you were not born" would have been better. Such words may have been said by parents or family members in a rage or something disturbing, but it has adverse effects on the entire existence of your child. Never say such a rude saying, that your child is in a small way. 

Give your child a chance to make friends 

There are many parents or guardians who do not allow kids to meet and play with someone outside. Keep in mind, there is nothing more important than friendship with other children of their age to grow properly. So give children the opportunity to play with other kids of the same age and make friends.

Learn to speak Sorry

It is your responsibility to make your little grandmother a part of you, to make him happy in the right way. If you ever have trouble with a baby in doing this duty, then say 'sorry' with a little bit. Saying sorry does not mean that you have reduced yourself to the child or gave the baby more 'lai', but instead of saying sorry means making a mistake, make your child know the meaning of sorry. 

Prevention of the child neglected himself

Finding a parent who does not love children is almost impossible. But why does your child feel neglected even after you have unlimited love for your child? Let's learn how to stop thinking about the child being neglected or how you get closer to your child.

Give your child -time

The biggest gift given to loved ones is the time. Spend time with your child as much as possible. You will see that your relationship with your child is sweet, and your child is not ignored by yourself, on the other hand, you start thinking about your loved ones.  

Keep track of baby health and everything else 

You are responsible for ensuring your child's health, education and all other facilities. If you are sick, you have the responsibility to care for your child as well as care for him. It is your duty to keep an eye on the education of the child, whether he is going to school or not writing properly. If you are admitted to the school, your responsibility is not over

Develop a friendly relationship with the child 

If you can become your child's friend, then all the problems will be reduced automatically. Try to be friendly with her sometimes from time to time, not to be serious with your child, see the child and no one else will be different from you.

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