What is child abuse, its type and symptoms?

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Parents are the children of the eye, the treasure of seven kings. It is impossible to tell or finish writing about how much parents are doing to ensure a healthy, beautiful and present-day child's future. Being born a child means that every person is born as a parent. How good the child will be, what should be worse, what should not be done, and what should not - all in all, it is like a new world. In the thought of child welfare, parents who are inclined beyond their ability or power can do all that possible. Because, one can not touch the fragment of his chest with any sorrow, pain and dirt. But with all of your efforts, a child's mental development can be obstructed in the way of a healthy life, child abuse, or 'Child Abuse'. Before a detailed explanation of this, you know what is child abuse?


Child abuse

 Simply put, child abuse means that a child's parents or guardian or any other person's behavior is against the child, due to which the children suffer emotionally and physically. It may be that either physically or mentally tortured or known by the parents or anyone in the family, a friend of the school, someone who is physically or mentally hurt from someone of the same age or outside.


Types of child abuse

 There are several types of child abuse. So it is important to know about this type of thing if you want to know it completely.

 Physical Abuse

 physical abusance means that the child is physically hurt, it may be deliberate and may be unwanted. For example - kicking the child or hitting his foot, threatening to slap or slap, burn something in the body with burns, pull it with the hair, pull it in the ears, shake the child with a loud shake, stuck in the dark room, stick or other Hit with something etc.

 As a parent or guardian, your child has all the right to rule, but do not forget that such behavior can make your child upset for a lifetime. Let's see what problems your child may face for physical abuse.

  •  Internal injuries and brain damage to the body.
  •  The bones can be broken and your child's weak joints can be broken.
  •   May be mentally devastated for a lifetime.
  •  May be physically damaged for life, there is possibility of death.

 How do you know if the child is physically abused?

  •  The aggressive attitude of the game's mate, pets, and other animal birds.
  •  A lot of fear is seen by parents or guardians or older people.
  •  To get too much fear, to be depressed almost time and to express too much concern.
  •  Seeing nightmares and nightmares are not always perfect.
  •  Child's mental and behavioral problems.
  •  Self-destructive behavior or attitude.


Sexual Abuse

 Among the types of child abuse, the worst and the worst is sexual abuse . When a child is older than someone who behaves in a sexual manner without touching or touching him, then he is called 'Child Sexual Abuse'.

 The most tragic thing is that in most of the children, a child is most likely to be victims of sexual harassment, which means that most of the victims of sexual violence are victimized by their family members.


Tactical sexual abuse


  1.Touch the sensitive area of the baby's body.
 2.   Hugging or kissing the baby abnormally
 3.   Force the child to touch the sensitive part of the abuser's body or to the lips, throat, chest and back.
 4.  Simply touching the lips in the baby's lips, or kissing on the right lips.
  5. Sexual pleasure gives such a sport etc.

 Note that all the above topics are subjected to sexual abuse. However, in case of parents or other family members such as children's siblings or other close relatives, these issues may not be listed as torture. In this case, when a child becomes suspicious about your child as a parent, you yourself will realize that it does not fall under the stage of torture.

 Untimely sexual abuse

 If any such behavior is noticed in your child, then the parent should be searched for whether he has been sexually abused.

  •   Performing sex toys or playing with any other toy.
  •  Do not sleep and see nightmares.
  •  Refuse to change clothes.
  •  Behavioral change by itself.
  •  For example, huthat is angry, crying, crying alone, or fearing.
  •  Do not eat properly - do not drink. 
  • Suddenly, becoming aware of privacy without any reason.  
  • Lack of self-sufficiency, self-reliance and self-interest in yourself.
  • Returning home with money, gifts or food, or getting something in the house.
  • Running away or not looking to stay with the big guys at the age of
  • Unwanted spots such as bite, scratches or loud spots and injury marks in the sensitive areas of the body.
  • Extra knowledge about sex or interest in knowing than age.


Emotional Abuse

 When a parent or guardian behaves in a way that interferes with the normal mental development of the child, it is either under emotional abuse or emotional abuse. And as a result of this mental torture, the mental and social development of a child is greatly damaged.

Behaviors that are considered as mental torture

  •  Refuse to seek and seek the baby.
  •  Confrontation with the child.
  •    Tease the child
  •   Scream for him
  •    Directly criticize the child
  •    Keeping the child separate or stuck


The following symptoms can be seen in children with mental harassment:

  •  Tendency to commit suicide or self-inducing attitude.
  •   Not having proper mental development.
  •   Not able to speak spontaneous conversations like other children of the same age.
  •    Exact physical development is not achieved.
  •   The inability to learn something
  •  To be much more defensive
  • Unable to make too much emotional and correct decisions.
  •  Anti-social and destructive activities.



 The ignorance of child abuse types has a very bad effect on a child. Do not give the child his due love, affection, care and attention, ignore him. When your child gets confused and neglected instead of loving you, your inner creator will die slowly. You love your child a lot, but if you are unable to present it to him, then take your little grandmother, you are negligent.


Depending on your behavior, your child may think of yourself neglected in 4 ways. For example,

 Ignore the rights of physical needs

 Every child has the right to health, good environment and adequate care. Now if you just want to ensure the child's food, clothes and the place to stay, your responsibility is to finish, then your child will consider himself neglected, it is 100 percent guaranteed.

 Ignore the right of mental needs

 Children love, love, and your attention is the most searched. If you can not make sure that your child does not get any support from you, then he or she will be bothered.


Ignore the right of treatment

 You have the responsibility to ensure the health of your child. If your body is bad, your doctor is not finished, your care is taken care of and you are responsible for timely research. Even your little apathy in the illness but neglects for the child. If you fail to give them your child will be a victim of neglect. 

Ignore the right to education 

To ensure the future of a child, it is your duty to create an education and safe education environment. Not only that, it is your responsibility to provide psychological support to the study of his studies, to help him mentally. If you can not give them, you will begin to think that the child is neglected. 

Notice that if your child behaves stubbornly instead of friendly behavior towards other children, after wearing small or big clothes, or clothes according to the weather, the weight is very low by age, or regular sickness, illicit, irregular in studies And always tired and depressed about myself; So, as a parent or guardian, you can not take proper care of your child and your child is neglected.


Today's writing was about child abuse, its type and its symptoms. In the next episode, "How to Resist Child Repression" will be discussed in detail.


Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent then the one derived from fear of punishment.

- Mahatma Gandhi

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